Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Create Better Writers {Crew Review}

Create Better Writers allowed the Schoolhouse Review Crew to review three of their amazing products for this review: How To Teach The Paragraph, How To Teach The Five Paragraph Essay, and The Homeschool Writing Action Plan.  As reviewers, we were allowed to choose one or all three of these to work through at the pace we chose to do so for our children depending upon their ages.  Since my children are relatively young and also struggle with reading, we have only used How To Teach The Paragraph in our homeschooling thus far.

We received How To Teach The Paragraph as a downloadable e-book for use in our studies.  This e-book promises to teach children a simple way to determine paragraphs, organize their thoughts and write a well thought out paragraph.  We found it to be an excellent study on the paragraph and that it did indeed help my children understand and create better written paragraphs for their writing.

This 22 page e-book includes all you want to know about writing a paragraph.  It is broken down into two parts.  The first part teaches Paragraph Basics and is appropriately named The Basics.  It teaches the first 6 steps in writing paragraphs.  The second part of the e-book is called Improving the Parts of a Paragraph and teaches steps 7-11 in the paragraph writing process.  The end of the e-book also includes two appendixes for extra study of paragraph writing.

The Basics: Steps 1 begins with assessing the students paragraph writing skills.  Step 2 teaches the student the 5 basic parts of a good paragraph.  Step 3 helps the student memorize the parts of a good paragraph.  Step 4 begins the students paper set-up.  Step 5 allows the student to begin prewriting paragraphs and Step 6 concludes Part I: The Basics with an official written paragraph.

Part II: Improving the Parts of a Paragraph starts with Step 7 which teaches topic sentences.  Step 8 is strictly for learning about closing sentences in writing.  Step 9 gives a Paragraph assessment of the skills learned throughout this e-book.  Step 10 is extra paragraph writing practice and Step 11 finishes out this part of the program reviewing and sharing your perfect paragraph.

The e-book itself is written simply, yet challenging enough for grade 3-5 students.  The activities are thorough yet fun, helping with student skill advancement in writing.  The program builds upon itself to create a complete understanding of writing that is unlike many programs available today and since it's available in e-book form it is immediately available to teachers and parents needing to address these skills right away.

This program was great for both my struggling reader and my advanced learner.  It allowed them to work at their own pace, creating sentences leading to paragraphs that fit their own needs.  Neither felt ahead or behind while working on this program or using the How To Teach A Paragraph e-book.  They are really excited to begin on the next book in the series, learning more about the writing process.
How To Teach A Paragraph is available through Create Better Writers website for $7.99.  Create Better Writers also has many other writing programs available, including a complete writing package on their website.  For more reviews of this and the other books provided to the Schoolhouse Reviewers please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog!

*Disclaimer - This e-book series was provided by Create Better Writers and the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest opinion in a written review for free.  No money was exchanged in the review writing process.

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