Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Ready {Thoughts From Me}

August has pretty much flown by for me.  The anticipation of giving birth to my last child has kept me busy this month.  Yesterday, we had a doctor's visit with an ultrasound and we officially scheduled our delivery for August 31st.  Exactly two weeks from today I will be holding my sweet little angel and I can hardly wait!  I know his brothers and sisters are excited too!!

This month has been spent on being together as a family.  We have also worked on housekeeping skills in attempting to get everything just a bit more organized before Jackson gets here.  The kids have been helping a lot since Momma can't get up and down from the floor like I could just a month ago.  The things they are learning will be helpful skills for them for life: dishes, laundry, cooking and cleaning.  We've been spending our time talking, reading and watching good movies together too, creating memories while we wait.

The kids were excited to see pictures of Jackson yesterday, to know he's really going to be here soon and actually see his hands, his feet and his little face.  They are as anxious to see and love him as I am.  Laycie is very excited to have a baby brother though I don't think she quite understand that he's not coming out as a miniature version of her but instead as a teeny, tiny baby boy.  She will adjust though and I'm so thrilled by her experience in becoming a big sister.

I suppose you can guess that starting school work will be postponed until after baby brother arrives since there is no way I can keep up with both for right now.  As soon as the little one arrives and we all settle in we will begin working on learning again.  And yes, he will be there with us as we work, learning right along with the other three.  Learning is most fun when all are included even when learning on different levels.

So that's a brief update for now.  I'm not sure when I will get back to post again, except for my required reviews for the Schoolhouse Review Crew but I'm hoping at least once next week as I finish up preparations for Jackson's arrival.  I hope this post finds you all having a blessed back-to-school time and wish many happy days for you this year!  God bless you all.

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  1. How exciting! I'll pray that you have a safe and easy delivery and great "babymoon" with the whole family. ;0)


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