Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Cry From Egypt from Raising Real Men {Crew Review}

Great Waters Press, publishers of Raising Real Men from my dear friend and her husband, Melanie and Hal Young, has recently published a wonderful new book: A Cry From Egypt by Hope Auer.  Prior to this book I had never personally heard of Hope Auer but now I am not likely to forget her as an author.  A Cry From Egypt is a great addition to any home library.

Hope Auer began writing at a young age.  She developed a passion for HIStory and storytelling throughout her school years which eventually led to her development of "The Promised Land Series".  Hope places the Lord first in her life followed closely by church and her family.  Her joy for writing definitely shows throughout her books and her love for educating children shows through too.

A Cry For Egypt is about the family of a young girl named Jarah who is a slave in Egypt in early biblical times.  Jarah and her family are torn between God himself and the Egyptian Gods and Kings of their time.  Living through the trials and tribulations of the day, Jarah's story shows children what life was like at this crucial time period in HIStory.

This story fit in well to our daily lessons and was easily implemented into our daily story time.  As a chapter book, we read it over a period of a few weeks, having a brief break for the birth of our youngest but was easily picked back up as we adjusted to his homecoming.  My children enjoyed the stories inside, learning about Jarah and her family and in turn more about Egypt.  Books like this one become classic favorites around our house.

Hope Auer wrote this wonderful historical fiction to capture the interest of the child reading it, as well as adults.  Through it she shares life, biblical ideals and the story of the Lord in a way children can understand.  This is one story you don't want to miss.

A Cry From Egypt by Hope Auer is available as an Advanced Reader Copy for $12.50 through  To learn more about Raising Real Men from Hal and Melanie Young visit  More reviews of A Cry From Egypt and also Children In Church: Nurturing Hearts of Worship can be found on the Schoolhouse Review Blog!

*Disclaimer - A Cry From Egypt was provided to me by Great Waters Press, Raising Real Men and the Schoolhouse Review Crew for free in exchange for my honest opinion in a blog post.

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