Thursday, October 4, 2012

BOX of I.D.E.As. {Crew Review}

     When I first responded to the BOX of I.D.E.As. review form, I was following my instincts because I wasn't at all sure that this product would work for us.  My choice for the review was for the SALT box since I figured that would go along well with past lessons we have done on Egypt.  Salt is also a hugely used item around our house so I thought, "Hmm, what a great way to teach the kids about something we use so much of!"

     BOX of I.D.E.As. SALT box has not disappointed us.  Our SALT box arrived packaged within another box and true to it's name this BOX was with great ideas.  A brochure for this product was included explaining the concept of BOX of I.D.E.As and other than the actual SALT box, it was the first thing to catch my eye.

     The brochure proclaims this product to be "All you need in one neat box!" and it really is.  10 activity based modules make up this extensive curriculum targeting ages 9-16.  All in one box, getting the child off the computer and back to learning from scratch.  It's definitely a lot of hands-on learning fun.

     Everything you need is included in one simple box and each module is easily setup.  Each box is easily implemented and adapted to any homeschoolers curriculum.  This box reminded me of a wonderfully, complete unit study.  The box is portable to be used anywhere, even while traveling.  The included exercises are engaging and interesting, keeping the child captivated and wanting to learn more.

     Upon opening the box, the user finds a welcome note explaining the curriculum along with 10 individually zip-lock package bags of activities.  The user can simply pull one of any of the 10 modules from the box to get started learning about SALT.  The only needed accessory is a pencil or pen.  If any other supplies are necessary for the module, it can be found listed on a label on the front of the module bag.

     A related quote can be found on the label on the front of each module bag.  These quotes can be used for copywork.  They can also be used for a writing project or a discussion to further build upon the curriculum and extend it to other areas in homeschooling.

     Fact cards are another bonus provided throughout the SALT box.  These cards can be used for memorization or a creative game.  They could also be turned into a writing assignment and added to by students as they learn more about Salt working through the curriculum.

     Each module is jam-packed with activities, games, facts, weblinks and more.  The modules cover everything from the Salt March to where salt comes from to why we use salt and so much more than most of us even know.  The Great Wall of China was even paid for with money gained from taxing salt.  Colorful photos are included to expand lessons and plenty of quality flashcards are included to be used as needed within the curriculum.

    We learned so much about SALT through this wonderful curriculum and so much more than any other curriculum we have used has taught us about it.  It was also very easy to include my littlest homeschooler in lessons, allowing her to listen as absorb as we held discussions and read through the activities included in each module.  This is a box we will be returning to over and over again as we learn more about how salt is used through history and more. It's a huge bonus to have a complete subject such as this one on hand.

   Other topics are available through BOX of I.D.E.As. such as Laundry, World War II (multiple products for WWII), Quilting, Civil War and more. To purchase your own BOX of I.D.E.As., visit their website.  The SALT box like we used, which includes everything but a pencil for activities, is available through their website for $79.  A PDF for SALT is available for $49.  Extra modules can be purchased as needed for $4 each.

     For more reviews of BOX of I.D.E.As. products and of SALT, please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog!

*Disclaimer - BOX of I.D.E.As. and the Schoolhouse Review Crew provided me with this SALT box for free in exchange for trying the product and providing my honest opinion in a blog post review.

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