Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dayspring Christian Academy's The Pilgrim Story Review

Dayspring Christian Academy has created an online class called The Pilgrim Story, which the Schoolhouse Review Crew was asked to review.  The Pilgrim Story tells the story of how America was founded by the Pilgrims based from original sources.  Dayspring Christian Academy uses the Principle Approach with the purpose of returning America to her biblical heritage.

The Pilgrim Story shows students how the Pilgrims persevered with hard work and self-governance, along with their strong Christian characteristics.  Through 5 units and 17 lessons, students learn about the conditions Pilgrims lived through on the Mayflower, the creation of the Mayflower Compact, life under the rule of King Henry, and more.  Lessons include assessments, extra activities to expand learning and notebooking pages to use along with the provided audio of the class format.  The course ends with a virtual field trip to Plymouth, MA, lead by The Pilgrim Story author, Mary Stauffer.

The Pilgrim Story was created to be used with students in grades 3-6.  Homeschoolers who have advanced 2nd graders could also use this online program, as well as those with students above 6th grade level who haven't had full instruction in the history of America's birth.

I must admit that this was not one of my favorite reviews.  It did not go well with our laid-back, less-structured style of learning.  I found it to be too structured for my personal liking and my children quickly became bored with the program itself.

This program provides everything a teacher needs for the course, as well as thorough lessons on America's beginnings.  The program also provides a thorough understanding of the creation of America on a biblical foundation.  The Pilgrim Story is the perfect way to teach children more about America's foundation and would be perfect for a structured-styled homeschooling family, or someone who is interested in thoroughly covering every aspect of America's foundation.

The Pilgrim Story costs $99 for six months of access to the program.  Access is available within 48 hours of purchase of the course.  Classes are not set on a schedule and are available for use as you choose.  The class is audio with slide show presentations to go along with them.

For more reviews of Dayspring Christian Academy's The Pilgrim Story, please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog!

*Disclaimer - A six month subscription to The Pilgrim Story was provided to me by Dayspring Christian Academy and the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest opinion in a review.  No money was exchanged.  I am including this disclosure in accordance with FTC regulations.

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