Monday, October 15, 2012

KinderBach {Crew Review}

KinderBach has expanded their musical family with a new iPad app: KinderBach Simply Discover Piano.  This app was designed to be used with young children, as well as older ones, teaching them piano at home easily, just as the KinderBach online does.  KinderBach Simply Discover Piano is a wonderful addition to the KinderBach line-up.

Created for children ages 3-7 and enjoyed by children of all ages, KinderBach Simply Discover Piano begins teaching children the concepts of piano directly on the iPad using a digital keyboard provided in the app.  Children use the keyboard to learn the key patterns used in each lesson building upon skills as they work through the program.  

KinderBach Simply Discover Piano has 3 levels of learning, with 10 lessons each that a child works through to learn how to play piano.  Each lesson provides a video intro which summarizes the lesson, 4 videos teaching the concepts learned in the lesson and a game to practice the lesson.  Printables for each lesson are also available to build upon the concepts learned.  The lesson intro also tells the child and teacher what is needed to complete that particular lesson for the week.

All three of my children played around with this app while we reviewed it.  Lessons were easily used with all three of them since the app allows the user to choose what lesson and level to begin with.  Lessons are also easily repeated because of this setup.  And the kids can spend as little or as much time playing with the app as they'd like.  The activities were intriguing for the kids and even my 4 year old was easily able to work through her lessons without becoming frustrated.  She learned a lot from simply watching the videos and playing along.  KinderBach Simply Discover Piano is one of our family's favorite apps!


The Schoolhouse Review Crew reviewed both KinderBach's Online program and KinderBach's Simply Discover Piano app.  For more reviews of both products, please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog!

*Disclaimer - I received a free download of this app from KinderBach and the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest opinion in a blog post.  All opinions are my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations.

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