Monday, October 29, 2012

Late October Update

Grabbing a quick minute to post an update today while Jackson is relaxing in his bed and the bigger kids are cleaning in their room.  It's Halloween week so this week is extra busy with outside activities for us.  Any opportunity to dress up and socialize is an event we are attending.

The kids are ultra excited for Wednesday night to get here so they can don their costumes and go spend time with Justain and the Tweens.  Trick or Treating isn't for everyone but it's something we do really enjoy as a family.  Dressing up and spending time together bonding is a favorite thing to do for our family.

The kids have all chosen their costumes and all is ready to go.  Winston is going to be Darth Maul.  Emmalee is a Witch, along with Grandma and Laycie's sweet little best friend Makayla.  Laycie and Jackson are Bumble Bees - Watch out or Laycie will sting you!  Justain is a Vampire Knight and I am dressing like the 80's this year.  Even my best friend is in on the fun, dressing in a 70's costume that totally fits her style!  I already have a few pictures from a recent event in town but I plan to take a lot more.

Jackson - Jax is doing well.  He's 8 weeks old now.  He'll be two months on Halloween.  His next checkup is Thursday and we will find out his weight and length then.  He's already stretching across the narrow side of his pack and play and he fills the bassinet length-wise.  And he's certainly becoming a chunky little one too.

Breastfeeding is going amazingly.  Jackson eats every 3-4 hours now and finishes both sides.  He's gaining weight.  He's peeing and pooping lots.  I am so glad I didn't give up in those first few weeks.  I'm even pumping a little and he's enjoying having a bottle here and there.  He's doing well with it all and I'm totally thrilled.

Jackson can see across the room now.  He notices people he knows: Me, Grandma, Laycie, Winston, Emmalee and Daddy.  He smiles.  He laughs.  And most recently he's discovered his hands.  He tries to suck his fingers and thumb.  He coos too.  It's the cutest and sweetest thing!

The kids are still totally in love with him.  They are enjoying his smiles and do as much as possible to make one happen so they can see it.  Laycie has been blowing bubbles on his tummy and he laughs at her.

Having Jackson has made each one of the older kids grow up just a bit.  Laycie wants to be "big sister", not little one.  Emmalee is helping more with the baby, little sister and even around the house.  Winston is just older overall.  It's amazing how much change a new baby brings into a home.

Well, my sweet boy has awakened and is not happy.  So blogging time is over.  Hope everyone is well.  We are praying for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  May God bless everyone and keep them safe. <3 p="p">

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