Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Apologia: Journeys of Faithfulness {Crew Review}

As most know, Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc is one of my absolute FAVORITE Christian curriculum companies.  I have yet to own an item from Apologia that I did not love.  Journeys of Faithfulness is included on that list of books and curriculum that I love.

Journeys of Faithfulness was written by Sarah Clarkson, author of Read for the Heart: Whole Books for Wholehearted Families.  This wonderful book was created to be a bible study for young women to learn about the women of the Bible who have journeyed through faith before them.  This study goes deeper to show strong the strong relationships with Christ, sharing the stories of  the following women: Mary and Martha, Ruth, Esther and Mary, Mother of Jesus.

The stories in Journeys of Faithfulness are thought provoking, as well as interesting.  Sarah Clarkson has a way with words that captivates the reader.  She draws the reader into the stories, leaving them wanting to learn more about the woman in the story, as well as their relationship with God.

My daughter is nine and I chose not to use this book with her at this time, but instead I found myself reading through and enjoying the stories inside.  Journeys of Faithfulness is a book I have longed to read for quite sometime but was unaware existed.  It is a storybook, a devotional, a bible study - all in one.

The book is broken into four parts, one for each of the women it details throughout.  The book itself is 232 pages long with room for writing answers to the study questions.  Note pages are included throughout for extra writing space, and for writing out thoughts as you work through the book.  Important thought and statements are highlighted throughout the book in bold.

After reading through this amazingly written book myself and working through the bible study, I have decided that I will begin using it as a devotional and bible study for my daughter very soon.  We will work through it together and use it to bond.  It will also (hopefully) bring her closer in her relationship with God.  I look forward to sharing with her the stories of Mary and Martha, Ruth, the beautiful Esther, and Mary, Mother of Jesus.

You can purchase Sarah Clarkson's Journeys of Faithfulness through Apologia's online website or their print catalog.  It's available for $13.00 in paperback.  Journeys of Faithfulness is just one of Apologia's many amazing products.  You can see more on their website at http://www.apologia.com.

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*Disclaimer - This book, Journeys of Faithfulness by Sarah Clarkson, was provided to me free from Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc and the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest opinion in a blog review.  I am included this disclosure in accordance with FTC rules.

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  1. I can't wait to get my copy - thank you for the great review. :)


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