Monday, November 5, 2012

Changes at Home {Thoughts From Me}

There are a lot of changes going on around our house lately for us all.  Life is hectic, full and enjoyable.  The Lord has been leading us into many different and new directions, all for the best.

Emmalee has started with a new physical therapist, twice a week.  She is wearing her braces more often, with less complaint.  She's really trying to correct her toe-walking issues and working hard to do so.  Mommy has toughened up on her, parent-wise, too.  She appreciates the effort I've personally made to push her through this.  We will overcome her toe-walking.  I will never give up on my sweet girl.

Winston has hit puberty right on time.  He's growing taller, growing facial hair a bit and is moody.  It's odd coming out of him because usually he's my cooperative and thoughtful boy but lately he's been aloof, forgetful and emotional.  All perfectly normal and natural I know.  I couldn't be prouder of my growing boy, honestly.

Laycie is four going on twenty lately.  She's the "queen" around here.  She's bossy and sweet at the same time.  She wants to be independent while still being Mommy's baby girl.  Today she did her own makeup and painted little KK's fingernails on her own.  She even cleaned up after herself when she did it.  She's such a smart and sassy girl.  And I love every second of life with her.

Jackson is settling in more and more by the day.  He's cooing and laughing.  His smile has stolen my heart.  I found pictures of Winston today and confirmed to myself that my two sweet boys look just alike.  I cannot wait to watch them both grow into men.

As for me, I've hit the busy season.  The holidays followed by the birthdays to go.  A new year on the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  I'll be stepping up my blogging and working on writing (bear with me as I build upon these things).  Writing reviews for other companies and products.  Advocating for Epilepsy, homeschooling, revamping, reorganizing and deep cleaning my home and my life.  Working towards becoming healthier through eating better and exercising (with my kids).

It's sure to be a busy year ahead and an enjoyable learning experience for us all.  I hope you stick with me through our life changes and look forward to sharing lots along the way.  Until next time....

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