Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mid - November Update

It's November and Winter has arrived in South Carolina.  The leaves are changing colors and falling from all the trees.  It's nice to see since it's been a while since we've had a real Winter here.

Laycie tells me Fall is her favorite time of year.  I guess she gets that from me, or Barney - not really sure there.  Either way, we both love Fall.  The change from hot summer air to cool, crisp breezes always makes me feel renewed.  Fall for me is a season of peace.  And it makes me happy to know she shares that seasonal love with me.

Unfortunately, the weather change also often brings about bad things.  Like the flu, which has hit our house full force in just 24 hours.  Josh is down for the count and Winston too.  Jackson and I have escaped from the sickies and ran to Grandma's house to hole up for the next few days.

Tonight I'm thankful my Mom lives next door and can care for my babies while I protect and care for my tiniest baby.  I'm also thankful for breastfeeding because hopefully the antibodies in my breast milk will help keep Jackson from getting sick too.  Since I chose not to vaccinate him, I'm doing my best to keep him well.

I'm hoping to wake in the morning to find everyone if feeling much better and this was just a 24 hour bug.  -Hey, a Mom can hope right?! - If not, Jackson and I will enjoy a longer vacation at Grandma's.  I must admit, it's kind of nice having the little man all to myself for a little while, but I desperately miss his older brother and sisters so I'm hoping they get well soon!

While I'm out of my house, I am working on blog posts and homekeeping plans.  With seasonal change comes my need for a fall cleaning, home organizational overhaul and boy am I in full force with overhauling my house.  The kids are learning lots of new things and didn't realize Momma could clean so much, so well or fast as I have been lately with them.  They are unsure if they like Mommy's new ways but they are quickly learning to enjoy the clean and clutter-free life.  Let's face it: Clean and organized is better.

So that's the update for now.  It's almost one here and I really need to shut down and get some sleep before the littlest man to steal my heart wakes up wanting to eat.  I hope everyone who reads this is doing well.  Much love to each of you.


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