Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winston's Turning 12 {Thoughts From Me}

Christmas is finally past and we move onto the last birthday of the year, which starts our birthday season around here.  Winston turns 12 on December 28.  I can hardly believe he's already 12.  My baby has grown up way too quickly.

Every day he comes one day closer to being a strong, patient and loving man.  In a few months, I expect that he will be taller than me.  In a few years, he will be grown and moving on.  Momma is sooo not ready for all of this.

I'm proud of my baby.  He's always supportive of me.  He does all I ask with very little attitude.  He's a servant and a man of strength.  He's kind to his siblings.  He enjoys working hard.

Recently, he's discovered a love of nature.  He enjoys hunting.  For Christmas, he shot his first gun. One of his presents was a starter bow set to learn archery, something he requested to do.

The years are getting shorter and I am trying to make the best of the time I have left with him as my child.  Children grow up way too fast.  They leave the nest before Momma is ready to let them go.  But every precious moment and memory they bring us is worth the process of going through it all.  I will never forget a single day, I've spent with my handsome son.

Happy Birthday to my precious boy.  May his life be all he wishes and his dreams come true.  He's been a blessing to my life and I pray he always knows love and happiness in his future.

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