Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All About Emma Day {Thoughts From Me}

Emmalee is one happy girl.  Yesterday was All About Emma day.  Auntie, Emma and I loaded up in Auntie's car and headed down to the beach.  She had several recent dreams come true and I am so thankful that I was able to give them to her.

Emma's been begging to go to Build-A-Bear for a while now and yesterday we made that happen.  She was so anxious to get there that she was asking "are we almost there" 10 minutes after we left home.  Her face lit up when we arrived at the store.  She was overjoyed to be there.

Right away Emma wanted to look at all of the animals so she could choose the perfect one.  It didn't take long for her to choose a sparkly, fuschia cat which she named Rosie, her name of choice for everything she loves.  She happily chose the meow sound for her cat, a heartbeat and bubblegum scent that she insisted needed to be placed into Rosie's foot.  Rosie was stuffed and closed.  Then we were sent to wash her and get her ready to get dressed.

I let Emma choose one outfit.  She looked through everything but her heart was set straight away on a beautiful turqouise Cinderella gown with gloves, a beautiful necklace and crown.  I told her she could also get the matching Glass Slipper shoes but in true Emma fashion, she chose pink slippers with heart-jewels on them.    She also chose a matching pair of pink undies with a tiny white rose.  Rosie was dressed impeccably by the time we left Build-A-Bear and Emma was one happy little girl.

When we left Build-A-Bear, we were starving so we headed out to Cici's Pizza, one of Emma's favorite places to eat.  Emma immediately wanted pasta with marinara and alfredo sauce.  She also had three pieces of macaroni and cheese pizza which is the whole reason she loves Cici's.  Needless to say, this was just the topping on her day!

Our next stop was Petsmart, where we decided to pick up Hermit Crabs for the tank we were given a while ago by her other Aunt.  Emma picked two nice crabs, one rather large which we have dubbed Crabzilla.  Auntie also bought a pet after finding the perfect small Tweety bird aquarium: a blue beta that we have named Tweetie Blue Belle.

Before heading home we made one last stop to fulfill Emma's wish list.  She's been asking me for pink highlights for a while now.  So of course, we stopped by Sally's Beauty Supply to find the right dye.  And we did.  Emma now has pink highlights throughout her hair and she absolutely loves them.  Laycie also asked highlights so I simply added one streak to the front of her hair that turned out so very cute.  They are so much like me! LOL

It was a wonderful day spent with my oldest baby girl and I am so happy I was able to give her so many wishes at one time.  She is such a sweet girl and is blooming into a wonderful young lady.  God blessed me the day she was given to me and I could not be more thankful for her presence daily in my life.

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