Thursday, January 10, 2013

Full January {Thoughts From Me}

January is jam packed full for me this year.  This month is filled with doctors appointments, review materials, photographs to work on and so much more.  It's beginning is sure to prove that the rest of the months in my year will be just as full.

This month begins another year on The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.  There are a lot of amazing vendors coming up this year.  I'm excited to share each one of them with you as my reviews become due.

This month also brings reviews from many other avenues: Propeller, Booksneeze, and Blogging for Books just to name a few.  I have several great give-aways coming up so prepare to stop by in the future to check each one of them out.

On the home front, therapy has started back for Laycie again.  She loves her therapists and enjoys her once a week visits with them.  She learns so much without even knowing she is learning.

At her recent speech eval, Laycie scored in the 6 year old range on most things.  She turns 5 next April, so this just assured me once again that homeschooling is the right thing for us.  Laycie scored out of language for her therapy but still requires articulation to help continue building her speech.

Winston had a doctor's checkup today.  He's perfect in all aspects, but I already knew that! (Yep, I'm pretty biased when it comes to my babies!)  He is exactly 5'0 tall and weighs 90lbs.  He's come along way from his 7lb15oz birth weight and 21 inch length.  He's been having some tummy issues lately so we have been referred to a Pediatric GI for further exam, which we will hopefully get into very soon.

Jackson is feeling better after his recent bout with his ear infection and mild cough.  He began eating cereal and applesauce this week and loves it.  He gets one feeding a day at this point and of course his usual breast milk.  He's growing so fast and is an adorable 13 lb butterball, getting bigger every day.

Later this month, Emma has an appointment with the Pediatric Ortho for her toe-walking.  We are finished with therapy for her.  We are finished with braces for her.  Now we are heading back to the Ortho for another eval to determine if she will be cast or if she will require surgery.  I'm hoping for casting, honestly but it will be up to her doctor.

Yesterday, the Bestie and I began a fitness program with walking.  We walked around the rather large pond 3 times to start.  Today, I purchased Zumba Fitness 2.  We both worked through the short course and boy do I feel it!  Yep, I'm pretty out of shape right now.  My goal is to get back into shape, flatten my tummy, eat a little healthier and drink more water.  So far, I've only managed to increase the water a little but the rest is a work in progress.

So this is what our month consists of: Lots of doctors appointments.  Lots of reviews.  A new fitness program for me.  And loads of other fun that I haven't mentioned above.  It's sure to be a month full of activity and as my new year's word stated, I'm driven to get through it all!  Have a blessed week!

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