Friday, January 4, 2013

Jackson's 4 Month Checkup {Thoughts From Me}

Jackson had his four month checkup today.  It went very well.  He's such a great baby, healthy and happy almost all the time.

Jax weighed in at 13lbs, 11oz and was 26 inches in length.  He's in the 75% range for his height and the 20% range for weight but he's not been eating as well with his recent tummy upset from the virus going around our house.  Hopefully, he will increase by our next visit.

Jax was diagnosed with a mild ear infection today.  We all knew something wasn't quite right because my normally happy and laid back babe has been waking with loud screams in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.  Sure enough, his ears are the issue.  The doctor prescribed the usual antibiotic of ammoxillian and he's already acting better after one dose.

I opted to skip vaccines again this month, simply because I want him to be a little bit bigger and a little bit stronger before we introduce them.  I also want to be past this little sickness hump before I introduce anything that could possibly prove to be an issue for him.  So I will make my final decision at this 6 month visit in March.

Jackson can hold his head high. He can pull toys to his mouth.  He can roll to his side.  He is attempting to pull himself forward with his hands.  He is able to lift himself slightly off a surface in a mini-push-up on his stomach.  He is reaching for things he wants: objects and people.  He sees in a distance.  He recognizes people and objects.

So far, Jackson's favorite thing is his blue blankets and he knows the difference between them and his other blankets.  He prefers his softer toys.  He likes to sit up and doesn't like laying on his tummy.  He's learning to like his swing though it puts him to sleep.

Starting tomorrow we will be introducing solids beginning with rice cereal.  I know he's ready because he's chewing like he's eating already.  I can tell he's going to enjoy eating and his little body needs that extra boost that eating will bring him, weight wise.  He is going to be a big boy but with his Daddy being 6'4 that is expected.

So overall, our appointment went well.  We aren't happy about his ear infection but we are hoping it clears up quickly and are glad to have a cause for his recent nightly unhappiness.  We are so thrilled that our sweet boy is doing so well.

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