Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Sickies Have Hit Us

The stomach bug came in with the New Year this year.  I hope this isn't a sign of things to come for us in 2013.  We've spent the last 24 hours loving on my littlest two.

Laycie began with a cough right after Christmas that I assumed was just a normal Winter cough.  Wrong!  Yesterday, her little tummy tore up on her and her fever spiked.  She had a restless night.

Jackson started with a cough on New Year's Eve.  He also had some mild congestion.  He's been restless, too, and slightly cranky which is completely unusual for him.

When the babies get sick, Mommy doesn't wait around for long.  Especially not with Jax, since he's unvaccinated.  So first thing this morning, I jumped out of bed, exhausted, to take the kids to the doctor.

It wasn't terribly busy at the office today, so we were able to get in quickly.  I was excited to find our office has hired a new practitioner.  Laycie loved her.  She was patient and kind, took her time with both the kids and thoroughly checked them over.

The end result is that both have a simple stomach bug that should pass within the next 24-48 hours.  Laycie is in the midst of it and Jax is in the beginning but I'm praying he doesn't get worse.  The only thing I can do is let it run it's course and encourage lots of fluids for both.

So we will be staying in for the next couple of days, drinking and snuggling lots.  They are both feeling better already.  Laycie is tucked in my bed with Daddy and Jax is snuggled up with Grandma in the recliner for the night.  I'm praying this passes by tomorrow and none of the other kids pick it up, which they don't seem to be.

You just never know when sickness will strike but I'm thankful we have a great medical staff who cares for us and is available 364 days a year.  It really makes a difference.  Until next time....

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