Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A+ Tutorsoft, Inc {Review}

A+ TutorSoft, Inc. is a fully interactive, multi-sensory Mathematics program.  This curriculum was created for use with children in grades 1-6.   The goal of the program is to provide engaging, expert instruction in order to help the student reach their top educational potential per grade level.  The program is available for homeschoolers, as well as public and private school use.

For purpose of this review, I was given access to A+ TutorSoft 2nd Grade Online Homeschool Edition.  This edition gave me access to A+ TutorSoft's full online program for the 2nd grade level.  This includes worksheets, interactive online lessons, graded exams, progress reports, access to placement tests, 24/7 online access, answer keys and much, much more.

The lessons in the online program are animated and to-the-point.  Interactive FlashCards are included for additional instruction.  Parent's have access to online grading and tools to help identify weaknesses and strengths in a child's progress.

I tried this program out with both of my older children as I wanted a feel of the program for each of my very different learners.  I found that one enjoyed the animated, interactive lessons online while the other enjoyed the lessons along with the extra worksheets to do off the computer.  I liked the fact that I was able to make the program work for both of my children and was easily able to adapt the lessons to fit both of their needs.  We often use the same program as they are both basically on the same grade level in many areas.  A+ TutorSoft provided a great basis for math to use for them both.

The program allowed me to immediately create a copy of the lessons available and the basic skills taught through the 2nd year portion of this program.  I was then able to take that sheet and break it into smaller lessons that worked for us.  My next step was to view some of the lessons myself in order to prepare to teach them off the computer.  I was also able to print worksheets to use along with these lessons with ease to give on the necessary days for offline learning.  These lessons were easily adapted.  I was able to prolong sections as needed and didn't feel behind if we weren't able to work on the lesson for that day.  The kids were able to pick back up with no problems as we worked on the program too.  This fit in very well with our laid back style and also with our busy days since we've been having several of those lately.

We did not use the exam portions of this program for this review as I do not do testing in our homeschool lessons.

A+ Tutorsoft, Inc is available online through their website.   Both the CD program and the online program are available. The cost for their 2nd Grade Online Homeschool Edition is available for $19.95 a month, $49.99 quarterly, or $124.99 per year.  Each subscription covers one parent and one child.

For more reviews of A+ TutorSoft, Inc., please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog!

*Disclaimer - This product was provided free in exchange of my honest opinion shared in a review post on my blog by A+ TutorSoft and TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew.  All opinions are my own and no money has been exchange in the process of this review.  I am including this disclaimer in accordance with FTC guidelines.

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