Sunday, February 24, 2013

Organized Tax Investments

It's tax time again.  This year with taxes, we decided not to spend it all on cool gadgets, junk and stuff to clutter our house.  Instead, we've chosen to invest it in our house.

For as long as I've known Josh, he's wanted a covered porch added on so that he can sit outside in the afternoon and late night to enjoy the outdoors without those great southern mosquitoes.  This year we are making his dream come true.  We're investing in his outdoor room.

Today, Josh, his Dad, cousin and the builder who is a friend of ours, removed our old decks to get ready for our new addition.  They were relatively easy to move since they weren't buried in the ground.  The men-folk lifted them onto the back of one of our trailers and towed them across the yard to my Mom's house using the four-wheeler - yes, we're redneck y'all!  Our two largest pieces have become my Mom's new front room and the small one, her back porch.  She is tickled pink, I tell you!

If this weather holds out, we will have the beginnings of our new covered oasis beginning next weekend - fingers crossed!  I know Josh cannot wait to be able to come home and just hang out in it - my trucker is an outdoors man through and through.  The kids are going to love playing on it, too.

The other thing we are investing in is cleaning and reorganizing the inside of the house, and hopefully the storage building too!  I'm hoping praying that we are able to put new flooring in before Jackson begins crawling in the next few months.  This carpet desperately has to go and no better time than now!

This weekend, we began our investment (other than removing those decks) by purchasing a few key pieces for organizing.  We purchased shelves for the hallway, to make a closet where a closet should have been in the first place - no idea why there isn't one there.  We purchased a shelf to put in the water heater closet in our laundry room to make better use of that space.  We purchased fold outs for the sink front in the kitchen so I can put sponges inside.  We purchased baskets and baskets galore for creating DIY organizers in drawers and other spaces throughout the house.

My two favorite storage pieces are my 6 cube organizers that we purchased at Walmart.  They cost around $35 each and were easy to put together - yes, I built them myself.  I put one underneath the super-huge over-sized computer desk.  The other one goes underneath the table in the kitchen.  I plan to put items that we don't need daily under the desk, as well as linens.  The kitchen one will store my review items, desk stuff I need at hand, and extra kitchen junk I don't have other storage for.

It's a slow going process but in the end I think both Josh and I will be happy with our tax choices this year.  He will have his happy place outside and I will be happy inside with my organized house.  Both are investments worth making for a lifetime.

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  1. You will have to post pictures to inspire others! Smiles


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