Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Parent as Teacher... What An Idea?!

As a homeschool Mom and a review blogger, I tend to receive a lot of questions about curriculum and educational choices when it comes to homeschooling.  I am by no means an expert on either of these things but I do have strong beliefs of what homeschooling is intended to be.  That said, this is my personal two cents of what's what and does not reflect any opinion of the companies that I work for, or the friends that I have in this "business".

Homeschooling is meant to be school at home but in no way is it meant to be public school at home.  If you are looking to do public school at home, my best advice to you would be to join a Virtual School or Home Bound program or simply to leave your child enrolled in your local public school system.

If you really, truly want to home school then you must completely change your way of thinking.  

Consider this:  When you give birth to your sweet baby, you as the parent immediately become the main teacher of that child.  You don't have an instructor to really go by.  There is no one to educate you on what to do with your child.  Sure, you get helpful advice from those who have been there and done that but YOU are the one who decides whose advice to follow and generally parents follow the beliefs that are instilled inside them as being right.

When that child begins to grow and learn, it is you who helps them along.  It's you who shows that child how to roll over, providing the assistance needed to learn those skills.  It's you, the parent, who assists them in learning to sit, to eat, to sleep, to potty, to play, to love reading and so much more.  And they do learn from your efforts to teach them these necessary skills for life.

Then comes the age where the parent must send their child off to school.

Hold up... Why is that?  You, as the parent, have taught your child so many skills already, often without help from others.  You, as the parent, have managed for 4-5 years without a teacher guiding you on how to do these things.  Why is it, suddenly when your child reaches this age, you the parent are no longer skilled enough to continue to educate your child?

Let me tell you... you ARE skilled enough.  You ARE able to educate your child, in your home, on your time. And in my opinion, there is NOTHING better.

Now, I know someone out there is saying, I cannot afford to stay home with my child.  I understand that.  Some parents must work to provide for their child.  Some situations do not allow a parent to be able to find care for that child other than sending the child to school.  And some people just do not have the patience to educate their children.  I'm saying now, THIS BLOG POST IS NOT DIRECTED TO THOSE WHO CANNOT HOMESCHOOL.

It is however, directed to those who are considering homeschooling and second guessing themselves on this ideal.  You can homeschool.  It's worth the sacrifices.  It pays itself off in the end, emotionally and financially.  And guess what?  You've been homeschooling your child since the day they were born!

Think about that... really let it sink in: You've been homeschooling your child since the day they were born!

You, the parent, are your child's first teacher and you were meant to be their only teacher.  God (or whoever you believe in) equipped you to do the job of educator, to teach your child the things they need to know to live and survive in life.  You only have to try, to give yourself the chance to manage to educate your child and to enjoy the experience along with your child along the way.

If I can do this, and I have been for 12 years now, then anyone can.  You just have to make up your mind and take that first step to attempt to home school.  I promise you can do it!

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