Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inspiration... Really?! More like Imperfection

I'm an inspiration... Really?!  Most days I truly don't feel like it but I know that I am.  Especially to the littles in my home daily.  And they are here, watching and listening to their Momma every single day.

Most days I do NOT lead by the best example.  I'm NOT perfect and I don't even try to be.  I don't want my children to grow up with a vision of perfection leading their paths, but with the image of their imperfect Momma having shown them the way.  I curse too much, I yell, I laugh, I smile, I'm sad, I'm happy.  I am ME and they know that, and they are free to be themselves too.

Lately, I've been having writers block.  Nothing I want to say comes out when it's time to write.  Nothing feels important enough to even talk about.  I look at my babies and I see them growing up way to fast before my eyes and I don't want to miss a moment or waste a moment of the time I could spend with them.  Blogging is not what's important, being a Momma is.

Winston turned 12 in December, Justain 9 in January, Emmalee 10 in February.  Jackson turns 7 months in just a few days and Laycie will be 5 on April 11th.  Time is going way to fast for me.  Some days I feel like I barely have time to breathe.

But I inspire them and I lead them and I try to show them happiness and goodness in their days.  Just as I have been shown by my Mother and God before me.  I want them to remember the times with their Momma, to have those moments to hold onto when I'm gone to wait on them on the other side.  I pray they have good memories of me, good moments to pass on to their own children of their childhood and life, just as I've been able to share and pass on to them.

These four are my world.  They hold and make up my heart.  I'd change nothing in my life, for every moment has lead me to these moments with them.  And nothing is a greater blessing than these days we have and live together in my mind.

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  1. Your kids are so lucky to have such a loving and caring mom. I admire your braveness to tell the world how imperfect you are, and to let your kids witness it as we'll.

    So many parents try and create the illusion that mom and dad are perfect in every way, when they actually aren't. I often cringe when my seven year old tells me from the back seat of the car...."Daddy, you're driving a little too fast."


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