Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Update

It's always busy in our life.  One thing leads to another and it seems there is never enough time to get everything done.  Life is full and filled with ups and downs right now.

Our new porch is in the process of being built.  We're using our front door because we aren't able to get out the back.  I've got boxes stacked in front of it, to keep my littles from mistakenly going out.

We've been doing a lot with school.  Daddy is giving the kids specific assignments to complete every day.  I think he's enjoying it as much as the kids are.  I am too.

We've got a lot of reviews going on right now, too.  A lot of great stuff that I'm looking forward to sharing about in the future.  Needless, to say the kids are having a lot of fun right now.

We've had doctor's appointments galore recently.  Emma had her nerve conduction test a few weeks ago and the results came back perfect.  No issues with her muscles.  She's being set up for botox injections and casting to correct her toe-walking.

Jax also had his 6 month checkup.  He's 27 1/2 inches and weighs 15.4 lbs.  She advised us to hold off longer on his veggies and try making our own to see if he outgrows his reflux issues.  She said he is gaining weight and doing amazingly otherwise.

I'm currently working on a reorganization project, house-wide.  Living in Chaos is for the birds.  It's slow going but it's getting there and I'm excited to see things in their place.

I feel like my mind is going a 1000 miles a minute, trying to keep up so this is just going to be a brief synopsis of our life at the moment.  Hopefully, in the future these posts will be come more organized.  Until next time...

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