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Computer Science for Kids {Review}

When I was a kid in Middle and High school we were given computer classes to learn to type and also the basic functions of old-school computers.  The mouse was a relatively new thing and many computers still require users to use programming codes to run them.  The control and shift keys were important every day factors in computer usage for me.

I learned a lot from my computer classes that has helped me with my interest in computers and even blogging today.  My basic knowledge of programming and codes has greatly helped me and I want my children to learn the same things.  They all take a great interest in using the computer for schoolwork and games so I knew that computer programming through Computer Science would be a great elective program for us helping them to further gaming interests, hopefully leading them into a career in this field.

Computer Science for Kids is creative curriculum created to be used with students 10 to adult.  Beginning Microsoft Small Basic was written completely with the beginner programmer in mind.  It is self-paced, easy to use complete program.

Through Beginning Microsoft Small Basic students learn basic programming skills and key elements of Small Basic that will stick with them for life.  Provided examples demonstrate key steps throughout the program, allowing students time to absorb the process as they learn new things.  While working through Beginning Microsoft Small Basic students learn to create programs like a savings calculator, card games, Tic-Tac-Toe, drawing programs, logic and video games.

This program was a great review of Microsoft Small Basic programming for me and a great introduction for both of my older children.  We worked together over the past few weeks to learn about these key factors in computer design and usage.  We completed around a chapter a week, some chapters took a week and a half due to circumstance and other curriculum we were involved in but the program was easily adaptable to fit our life.  The program does take several hours to complete so it needs to be broken down to several days in the week to complete.

My children and I really enjoyed the lessons provided through this program.  It will not be something we continue working with at this time due to the time it takes to complete the lessons but it will be something we use independently in the future.  As I mentioned above, both of my older children enjoyed working through this program and each took away different aspects.  My son wishes to expand further as this program will be a good start for his career field.

Beginning Microsoft Small Basic from Computer Science for Kids is available online for $59.95 with current free shipping.  The digital e-book edition is on sale for $34.95 through July 4, 2013.  It is normally priced $59.95.  You can also purchase an Annual "UNLIMITED USER" School Site License Digital E-book Teacher Edition for a sale price of $199.95.  

For more reviews of  Computer Science for Kids, please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog!

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