Thursday, April 18, 2013

Knowledge Quest: Timeline Builder app {Review}

The creative team at Knowledge Quest has done it again.  Well-known for their creative black line master maps and timelines, Knowledge Quest is continuing to invent products that are easy for any homeschooling family to use.  The Knowledge Quest Timeline Builder App for iPad is no different.  

This app allows the user to create a full timeline to use with any history program.  You can create a sample timeline using a specific time span, adding to it as needed or removing things that aren't needed.  The user can also create a new timeline with the specifics needed at the time.

Sample timelines come with facts from the time period already introduced.  The most important characters of the time period are covered, complete with photos for the user to learn with.  This can be added to as needed or removed from as needed.  Images can also be uploaded or found and added from various places online.

New timelines are completely blank, much as they would be when creating your own timeline with weekly and daily lessons.  Images can also be added by uploading or by finding them various places online.  The time period can be set and adjusted as needed with the user able to choose from BCE, BC, AD, and CE periods in time.  Any start or end date can be chosen per timeline.

A name can be specified along with a full description of the timeline you create for any timeline created.  The user can also choose a background to further customize the timeline being created.  And timelines can be switched between simply by clicking on the tabs shown on the app.

Inside the timeline, the user can choose to show the images or hide them as needed.  Zooming in and out to specific periods is also available. You can edit the timeline at any point in time so change background color and specific years needed, as well as era.

Creating a New Event is easy.  Simply click "New Event" at the top of the timeline.  Create an event by entering the event name, description, start and end dates.  Then import an image from the iPad image library or pasteboard.  You can delete images in this option too.  

Searching Wikipedia is also an option here.  Clicking this option takes you to Wikipedia to the specifics of the event in question where you can find details, images and learn more about the events.  This allows the student to find more specific information about the event at hand.

Once the timeline is created, you can then share it.  You can save the timeline or event images to photos, send the timeline or events by email and save the event descriptions and timeline event images to a folder for sharing in iTunes.  This allows you access to the timeline in other places than just the app and also allows printing of the timeline specifics as needed.  This also allows you to store the information for future use without needing to keep the timeline on the iPad permanently.  When the timeline is no longer needed you can simply use the delete timeline option to remove it from the app.
I have personally been using Knowledge Quest products in our homeschooling for quite some time now.  We began with their old printed black line maps and now use the available apps and digital programming in various ways in our homeschooling.  Timeline Builder is a great addition to our family of products and is definitely something I plan to continue to use in our homeschooling.  

We used it with our current history lessons, adding various persons and places that we have learned about over the past few weeks.  The great thing is that it doesn't matter what period of history we are in, we can simply go to our timeline and add.  Once the event or person is input into the timeline app, they show up in the appropriate place on the timeline.  If I make a mistake, then it's simple and easy to edit at any point in time.

Knowledge Quest Timeline Builder app is available for iPad through iTunes for $6.99 and is worth every cent.  Stop by Knowledge Quest to purchase your Timeline Builder today!

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