Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trials Bring Gifts

It's been a heck of a week in Lambert Life.  I was sick for most of this week and well, like most people, I despise being sick.  There is little that I hate more.

Then to top it off, Emma had her casting and botox scheduled for the beginning of the week.  Let me just say that traveling almost 2 hours while you are sick to your stomach is NOT FUN!  Then we finally got there, only to find that Emma had consumed milk at some point that morning so we were not able to have her procedure done at all.  Trip back home.

Wednesday brought a phone call from Winston's GI requesting an appointment for the next day.  Umm NO... not when I was just getting over this whatever I had.  So that appointment was scheduled for next week.  

Thursday brought it's own surprises but we muddled through them to finally make it to the weekend.  I must say that by this point I was (am?) feeling pretty worn out, exhausted and overwhelmed.  I am just thankful to have made it through all of the week's trials and I am so ready for a new week to come about.  

Josh and I, along with some good friends, found a little break in our week as we rode to the hunting club as a free way to get out of the house with no kids and no worries.  And on our little adventure I was reminded just how sweet life is, how awesome God is, and how he is still there even when I don't expect to find him.  These trials may follow me today, this past week and more to come in my future but I'm not alone.  I have God leading me and lending me a hand.  He's glorious beyond words and so are the many blessings he gives to us.

Here's one from today to share:  A black bear we saw at the hunting club while we were riding around.

What glorious things did God show you today???

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