Thursday, May 2, 2013

Enjoy God's Promises

Last month really got away from me!  I kept thinking it's April and I have plenty of time to blog.  I'll do it tomorrow.  Then BOOM, it's May!  For me the month flew by!

April was a good month but a busy month.  My baby girl turned 5.  She's such a joy!  So spirited and chatty.  She starts talking when she wakes up and she doesn't stop until she falls asleep at night.  But every day she brings happiness and joy to all of us.  And every day she shares some new knowledge of something she's learned or life through her precious eyes.  Her sweet heart is unlike any thing I could ever imagine.

All my babies bring so much joy into my life.  My oldest recently learned to ride his bike.  He's twelve, the same age I was when I finally accomplished that task.  He did it on his own, just like me, with out being pushed to do it.  Simply got on, made up his mind and rode.  I couldn't be prouder of his accomplishment or his new found will to do something he's never done before.  He experienced his first injury riding that bike this week too but he's still willing to get right back on.  Every day he comes one step closer to being a man and I couldn't be more impressed with this young man on his way.

My sweet Emma is growing up too.  This week she cleaned her toilet all on her own and voluntarily.  This girl who thinks cleaning is disgusting.  This girl who would rather live in a mess than pick up her dirty clothing.  She cleaned a toilet!  All on her own and very well too!  Then she dusted our entire living room.  Washed down every item on every table without complaint.  She even dusted in her brother's room.  She's growing into a wonderful young lady.  She's going to make an amazing wife and mother when she's grown.  But for now, she's making her Momma proud and rising up to bless me like I could never have imagined.

My baby boy turned 8 months a few days ago.  8 months and it feels like he's always been a part of our lives, yet at the same time it seems like such a brief period of time.  8 months definitely flies by.  He's eating a lot better, loving meats and cookies and everything except Sweet Potatoes.  He's trying to crawl too.  Pushing up and rolling to get things he really wants, like baby wipes that he rubs over his hands and face.  He's a joy, too, but he's growing way to fast to be my last baby.  Brings tears to my Momma eyes to know that soon he won't be a baby.  Soon he'll be crawling, then pulling up, walking then running away.

I'm not ready for them to grow up but they do anyways, no matter what Momma wants.  Babies grow up and before we blink they are moving away.  We have to enjoy every moment we have them and I plan to.

It's a big part of why I homeschool.  I won't give my promised moments to someone who doesn't love them like I do.  I won't hand them over for someone else to have those God-promised memories we share.  I will raise them up and love every minute, even though I may complain and may be told I should cut the apron strings.  I will when the time comes but for now, we make memories, we share love like no other, and we grow and learn together as God intended us to.  And we'll keep on until God-promises otherwise.

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