Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Simplified Pantry {Review}

Simplified Pantry helps make homemaking easy!  Mystie Winckler took her love of cooking and home organization and created a project that everyone can benefit from.  Simplified Pantry is a way of life for Mystie and she has chosen to share her lifestyle with us through her website and available e-books.

Mystie began tweaking recipes and cooking from scratch when she realized her son had a mild allergy to corn.  Since most products and recipes are corn-based, Mystie had to adapt recipes and create her own so that her son, along with the rest of her family, could eat good tasting foods without stirring up his allergy.

Recently, I discovered my own youngest son has an allergy to sweet potatoes, which means I also must tweak recipes and check labels to see that he doesn't intake any food containing them.  It's not as easy as you'd think since many pre-made foods contain sweet potatoes.  This could trigger a violent reaction in my child that I long to avoid, much like Mystie wished to avoid with her own son.

Mystie's recipe books, Simplified Dinners and Simplified Dinners Gluten Free have helped me to be able to make this transition to sweet potato free recipes a little easier by showing me how to create simple and easy meals from scratch with easy to use ingredients.  Through Simplified Dinners, I have been able to provide wholesome foods for my baby that I know I can trust.  

Another bonus of Simplified Dinners is that they are quick and easy to prep and plan for.  Her Master Pantry List covers everything imaginable that you could need to make even the most unexpected meal.  Her ideals on meal planning keep you on track so you don't have to wonder what's for dinner tonight.  

Each section of the book is broken down into a main ingredient type that you can adjust to your dinner tastes for the night.  So say you take out chicken but have no idea what to make, you can take a look at your Simplified Dinners e-book and whip up a meal in no time!  The meals are full of flavor and absolutely delicious.  They are also adaptable to your families flavor preferences.  The ease of Simplified Dinners is something that everyone can appreciate!

Simplified Dinners is amazing alone but it's even better when paired with Mystie's other e-book, Paperless Home Organization.  Paperless Home Organization teaches you how to better utilize your digital products to manage your day to day life.  Paperless Home Organization does away with the pen and paper method, allowing you to track everything you do with your computer, phone and/or tablet if you have one.

Paperless Home Organization teaches you how to use simple free programs and apps so that you can have all your necessary information at your fingertips at all times.  She covers everything from email to note taking to using your calendar and contacts to organize your life efficiently without having a ton of paper to keep up with.  

I followed the program as suggested by Paperless Home Organization and found it to be very helpful in many aspects but not directly as the program was written.  I had to adapt this program to better fit me, utilizing the email program that I already use and also using my personal calendar already in use.  I did and still love using Evernote with this program and find that it works wonderfully for me for keeping up with snippets online that I need.  The program also helped me to really get motivated to keep up with appointments and scheduling better than I had before using it.  It has also helped me to get better control of my multiple emails.

Simplified Dinners, Simplified Dinners Gluten Free and Paperless Home Organization are available from Simplified Pantry.  Simplified Dinners and Simplified Dinners Gluten Free are both available as a PDF for $12.99.  Paperless Home Organization is available as PDF or on Kindle for $3.99.  


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  1. Great review. I should go back and try the Paperless Organization again. I use a different email and calendar system too so that sort of discouraged me. Thanks for pointing out how you used it.


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