Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Whirlwind of Thoughts {Thoughts From Me}

Have you ever had so much to say that you simply didn't want to talk?  That's how I am feeling right now.  Or maybe it's just that I don't know where to start.  Or that I don't want the drama that can sometimes follow the words that flow from the heart.

There is so much going on in our life and this world at the moment that my heart feels too many emotions all at once.  My soul cries for the massive loss of yesterday's tornado in Moore, OK - for the babies that were taken in the breath of a storm and the parents who miss them more than I can even begin to understand.  My constant prayers are with those who have yet to be found and those who are still looking for those they love. Time is detrimental.

I look at my daily life and it seems so little in comparison to all these families are going through.  They've lost everything - homes, cars, lives.  They woke up yesterday morning with the everyday "normal" and went to bed with nothing material left.

In the shared images yesterday there was a photo of the massive rubble and centered in that was a simple object, a nick-nack ornament for the wall that simply said, "The most important things in life aren't things".  Those words in that moment, surrounded by destruction spoke louder to me than the larger than life tornado in the images I see on my screen.  The most important things in life aren't things.  The most important things in life are alive, heart beating, breathing people and animals.  The material things can all be replaced but the life of a person, the love of another being cannot.

The other thing that touched me most was the mention that someone looking through the rubble found a mother and her young infant hiding in a freezer.  Neither of them made it but that Momma did her very best to save herself and her young child.  Together they were called "home" and I think how blessed that child was to have a Mother who would sacrifice everything to save them even if she failed.  In the chance to save my babies, I would have done the same.

God comes calling every single day - we never know when His coming is, only that we need to be prepared for it.  We must teach our babies to be prepared for it.  For when He comes, whether it be mid-day or swift in the night, we must be ready and willing to go wherever He asks us to.  No pain, no suffering and more love than we can imagine awaits us.  But for those left behind, wishing it wasn't so, prayers are there - prayers for peace and healing, understanding that God has a bigger picture than any of us can even know.  He knows His reason for doing things, even when we do not and his heart is in shreds and tears with tears falling for all the pain this storm has caused.

When the dark falls, morning is on the horizon.

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