Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jackson is 9 Months!! {Thoughts From Me}

Jackson is currently in therapy because he's just a little behind in sitting, pulling up and crawling. Our therapist tells us he has low muscle tone, and is basically top heavy because of his long torso.  He's quickly catching up though.

Just this week, Jackson has learned to scoot crawl.  He pushes his feet and scoots himself across the floor.  For the last month he's been rolling himself everywhere he wanted to go.  Whatever works!

Last month, Jackson learned to wave Bye Bye and he can also do Hi!  Last week he learned to play Pat-A-Cake and this week he's learning to clap.  He loves his little games.

Every day he says more things.  He can say mmm, ddddd, bbbb.  He has said Bye-Bye a few times and DaDa.  His favorite word, though, is simply Jack-Jack.  I tell him all the time he is my Jack-Jack Love.

He's eating everything: fruits, meats, veggies and even drinking milk with no problems.  We have not introduced nuts and eggs yet since they are high allergens.  He is allergic to sweet potatoes so we currently avoid everything that contains them.

Jackson is growing bigger every day.  He is growing into a sweet and gentle boy.  He's definitely no longer a little baby.  He is a complete joy to our lives.  We have been surely blessed.

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  1. It is always exciting to watch little ones learn. Enjoy every moment!


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