Friday, June 7, 2013

Math Mammoth {Crew Review}

Math Mammoth was created by Maria Miller to help homeschooling Momma's who were completely lost at teaching math be able to provide a better learning experience for their students.  Being an ex-math teacher, Maria was able to create an exceptional math program that is easy to use and understand by both teacher and student.  Math Mammoth provides a complete math education that makes math easy.

Last year, we used Math Mammoth's Light Blue series for second grade.  You can read our review for that curriculum here:  This year, I chose to review Math Mammoth's Light Blue series for first grade.

I chose this curriculum for two reasons: to review math fact basics with my daughter who struggles with them and to begin my youngest daughter's education in addition and subtraction.  The first grade level of the Light Blue series worked great for both of their needs.  And since it's easy to use, my older daughter needed little help from me to work through it.  She is able to read on her own and follow through with her work.  She was also able to help my younger daughter out along the way, when I was unable to.

I chose the Light Blue series because it's a complete curriculum.  This allowed my daughter to completely relearn the concepts she struggles with instead of just working on reviewing facts that she didn't completely understand the first time.  We basically started all over with Math, only this time the lessons were much easier for her to comprehend.  And though we've only been using the program a short time, she is definitely catching on fast.

Math Mammoth's Light Blue Series for Grade 1 covers addition and subtraction concepts and strategies, whole number and place value relationships to 100, measurement of length, geometric basics, time and money.  Even though we are using this curriculum for a math review purpose, we have started from the beginning and worked through.  The program is not boring or overwhelming to my students, and as I've mentioned more than once, it's extremely easy to use and comprehend.

Math Mammoth Light Blue series is available online for $34 for the full set of Grade 1 as a download or on CD for $39 plus shipping.  It is also purchasable as individual sectional downloads through the website.

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  1. We love Math Mammoth! My dyslexic children love it.


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