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Motherboard Books: Let's Make A Webpage {Crew Review}

Do you know how to make a webpage?  Could you teach your children how?  Is this something you need assistance in learning or teaching your children how to do?  Then look no further than Let's Make A Webpage from Motherboard Books!

Let's Make A Webpage teaches your child, or you, everything you need to know about building your own webpage from scratch.  Using CoffeeCup HTML Editor you will learn the basics of webpage building and so much more.  Let's Make A Webpage makes webpage making easy!

The first step in using this e-book is to create an interview to use in preparation for your webpage.  The student needs to choose several questions of their own creation to ask someone they wish to know more about.  This could be Mom, Dad, the neighbor, their sister, cousin, aunt, the librarian, etc.  Whoever the student wishes to interview.  

My son chose to interview Dad.  These were his questions:
1. What is your job?
2. How long have you been doing it?
3. What exactly do you do?
4. Did you learn anything during school that helped to prepare you for your job?
5. Is this the career you expected to have?

My daughter chose to interview her Grandma.  These were the questions she asked:
1. What year were you born?
2. What was life like when you were a child?
3. What were you like at my age?
4. What was schooling like for you at my age?
5. How are things different from your childhood until now?
6.  How are you and I different at this same age?

After they both conducted their interviews, we then wrote out a short report explaining all of the things they learned from their interviews.  This gathered information was used in the process of creating their webpages.  We also saved a photo of each person interviewed to use within our webpage.

The next step was downloading CoffeeCup HTML Editor to use for creating our webpages.  After downloading, we input our information, page title, etc.  Then we clicked save so that we could work with this file throughout the process.  

Then came the fun stuff: learning how to use text boxes, HTML codes, color and all the other fine details that work together to make a webpage a webpage.  These details are the simple, yet complicated things that everyone should know when building a webpage.  Let's Make A Webpage made them easy to learn and easy to use!

Through these 10 easy but thorough lessons in the Let's Make A Webpage e-book, the student learns all the important details in creating their own personal webpage. Once a student completes this program, they should have enough knowledge to be able to build any basic webpage they would like. 

In the later chapters of Let's Make A Webpage, students also learn to use animations, add in photos, how to safely use the internet and much more. These details combine to create a webpage that is catchy and attractive to the eye. And best of all it's all easier than many people may realize.

Let's Make A Webpage from Motherboard Books was written to be used with children ages 8 and up. It's available as an e-book download for $19.95. It is designed to be used with the free download version of CoffeeCup HTML Editor. This program also encourages experimenting and creativity in working with computers.  Don't forget to check out Motherboard Books other programs too!

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