Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Simply Imperfect

I am imperfect.

There I said it.  Some days I get nothing done.  Kids need Momma.  Friends need me.  Life and procrastination get in my way.

There are more days like this than I would prefer there to be.  But God calls me to be there for those I love. He calls me to be Momma to my babies, solace to my friends, and supportive to my love.  He prepares me for each day and leads me where I travel, even when I don't feel like He is.  

Sometimes I think that I could do better but what is better than doing what God is calling me to in the moment.  I stumble, I struggle, I fall but I don't fail Him if I go where He is leading me.

Those are strong words: I am imperfect.  We all are, yet we strive to be more, to be everything, even though we were not created to be.  We strive to be like Jesus, yet none of us can be.  

As long as I get up, do my best and keeping trying, then I am doing what is asked of me.  Some days, I simply need that reminder.  We are NONE perfect but we are ALL perfectly imperfect.

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