Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Time Ways to Keep Your Cool {Thoughts From Me}

It's Summer time in the South and that means it's HOT.  Temps go up into the 100's down here and the humidity makes it feel much hotter!  So in order to beat the heat, we must find ways to keep cool in the Summer heat.

Some ways we like to keep cool in the South are:

1. Water sprinkler fun!  Just hook a hose to a water sprinkler or create your own so that the water keeps you cool in that Summer Sun.

2. Take a swim in a river, lake or pond.  Only with adult supervision, of course.  For swimmers that are still learning to swim well, be sure to use a life vest for safety!

3. Popsicles are a great way to keep cool in the summertime.  Make your own by freezer juice, Kool-Aid, pudding, yogurt or another drink of choice in an ice cube tray or a small cup for a cool treat.

4.  Water balloon toss.  Fill them up and toss them to see whose pops first!  It's a guaranteed way to keep cool while having fun.

5.  Drink lots and lots of water.  This one is the most important.  No matter how you choose to keep cool in the Summer heat, always drink plenty of fresh water.  Room temperature water hydrates your body faster, allowing you to cool down without causing that brain freeze headache that comes from drinking ice cold water when you're hot.  Stay hydrated and safe through the summer by drinking lots of water while playing, working and living in the Summer months.

Now that I've shared these five ways to keep cool, tell me how you and your family beat the Summer heat?

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