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Ten Motivations to Deep Clean Your House {Guest Post from Heather Hewitt}

The following is a guest post from the lovely Heather Hewitt.  The opinions included there-in are Heather's and not the opinions of myself, Dana Lambert, or that of Luv'N Lambert Life, the blog.  Thanks Heather for offering to create a post the Luv'N Lambert Life. ~ Dana

Ten Motivations to Deep Clean Your House

It’s always difficult when the holidays end, but with it comes a new year and the opportunity to start again. If you’re anything like most people, by the end of each year, your house suffers from lack of attention. Maybe you’ve got piles of unfolded laundry in your closet and stacks of files and papers on your desk. Perhaps the floors have become grimy from use throughout the year. Could be your fridge is crusted over with spilt leftovers or needs some sprucing.

Well, now’s the perfect time to deep clean.

But when said like that, it sounds like no fun at all. However, there are many reasons and benefits to deep cleaning your home. Hopefully this list will inspire and give you the motivation you need to move forward and start the year afresh.

  • Reason #1: To get organized. Yes, deep cleaning is about scrubbing away the grime and getting the nitty gritty clean, but it’s also about getting the pantry in usable condition and taming those desk drawers overflowing with fun birthday cards and not-so-fun bills. Once you do, you’ll likely be shocked at how much less stressed your life seems.

  • Reason #2: To throw a party. Maybe your social life has suffered right along with your neglected house. Time to buck up and clean so you can invite friends over. For your first party after the clean, let yourself splurge a bit on food and wine. Thoughts of this will keep your motivation high when you’re knee deep in the cleaning stage.

  • Reason #3: To redecorate. Nothing says fresh like redecorating a room. But in order to slap up new paint and curtains, you should deep clean the room first. The prospect of a new room when you’re finished will keep you going when the cleaning gets tough.

  • Reason #4: To remedy your allergies. Have you been sneezing all winter? It’s possible that your house has dust mites, mold, or trapped pollutants. To rid your home of such irritants, clean your carpets and air vents.

  • Reason #5: To lose weight. Let’s face it; the colder weather makes it tough to get outside and exercise. But maybe the holiday goodies weren’t so kind and you gained a few pounds. Deep cleaning your house will give you a focused task that not only will leave you organized, but will likely help you drop pounds in the process.

  • Reason #6: To make it safe for kids. A cluttered home gives children lots of opportunities to get into something potentially harmful. Who knows what lurks in the shadows of that hall closet or under that sink? It’s safer to deep clean and find out before your kids do. Remember to use kid-safe chemicals when cleaning.

  • Reason #7: To remember what you have. How often have you thought, “I’ll be happy once I have such-and-such”? Often our dissatisfaction with our home comes from the fact that it’s disorganized and messy. Spruce up your house and make it shine, and you’ll be reminded of your blessings. Sometimes simpler is better.

  • Reason #8: To save money in the future. Sometimes our houses get so messy and disorganized that we decide we need to hire a cleaning service. That’s all well and good, but many cannot afford such a luxury. Giving your house a deep clean on a regular basis means you maintain the quality for longer. You can also save money on utility bills by replacing air filters and weather stripping regularly.

  • Reason #9: To please your significant other. Organization and cleanliness are super important to some people, and if your significant other is one of them, you might think about doing something nice for him by deep cleaning the house. Ask for his help and get the job done twice as fast.

  • Reason #10: To have an excuse to reward yourself. Love a challenge as long as there’s a great reward attached? Given all the benefits of deep cleaning, make your next goal to give your house a cleaning and organizational makeover. Then reward yourself by choosing from fun gifts, like customized iPhone cases, new books, or a pamper day at the spa.

Deep cleaning may not seem like fun, but the benefits are numerous. Consider these and give yourself even more incentive to get the job done. Take the time to freshen up your home and you won’t regret it—in fact, your friends, family, and body will thank you.

Author Bio: Heather Hewitt is a seasoned writer and guest author who enjoys connecting people with thoughtful products, services and ideas as they relate to crafting, photography, gift giving and personal expression.

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