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Dig-It Games: Mayan Mysteries {Review}

Dig-It Games brings to life the world of the Maya through it's interactive game, Mayan Mysteries.
Mayan Mysteries allows children to become archaeologists in this fun game.  Children learn about history through play.

Dig-It Games was founded by Suzi Wilczynski, professional archaeologist and former school teacher.  She created Mayan Mysteries and Roman Town to bring to users a fun, interactive way to teach ancient civilizations with archaeology.  Through 10 years of experience with digs in Greece and Israel, Ms. Wilczynski created a way to bring her experiences to students everywhere.

In Mayan Mysteries, players learn about the history of the Maya civilization and culture.  Created for children in grades 5th through 9th, ages 11 and up, this game walks students through a world that would otherwise be forgotten if not for historical digs and documents.  Throughout the game, users discover artifacts, decode ancient glyphs, explore the Maya calendar, visit ancient cities and much much more.

The game itself works as a puzzle with pieces leading to fit into each other in order to open up each level of play.  Included activities test reading comprehension, geographical skills, spatial reasoning, math, science and history skills.  Scientific and analytical thinking skills are practiced throughout gameplay too.

Users begin playing Mayan Mysteries by joining up with Team Q to find the mysterious thief, Landrone.  This leads the user on a chase that spans over the great ancient Maya cities through over 300 expansive challenges and 12 hours of gameplay.  On the journey, the user learns key facts, geographical data, finds countless artifacts, solves glyphs and more.

Users gain achievements for every quest completed, such as the Golden Trowel for collecting 8 artifacts or the Genius Decoder for solving all spirit companion Glyph riddles without using hints.  These achievements are rewards for completion of the mysteries and lessons throughout the game.  

There are tons of artifacts for the player to find throughout the game too.  Through gameplay and digs, the player will find things like a ball player figurine, a ceramic flute, a flint knife, obsidian arrowheads, stingray spines and many more.  The player will learn about each of these items through play as well, leading to an unforgettable online history lesson.

Landrone clues are also provided throughout the expedition to find Landrone.  These clues are kept in Charlie's journal and can be accessed at any time during gameplay.  

Team Q is who you are helping to find Landrone and solve the Mayan Mysteries.  Team Q consists of Dr. Alex Quinn, the extraordinary archaeologist, and leader of the expeditions.  The twins, Fiona Quinn, future archaeologist extraordinaire and Charlie Quinn, future detective are also a viable part of Team Q.  Along with your help they are sure to solve the mystery and find Landrone.

This fun, fun archaeology game is sure to bring hours of interactive lessons to life for users.  I know we have enjoyed playing and learning more about each artifact and place visited via the game.  My children, ages 10 and 12 have worked together to play through this game and enjoyed learning more.

You can purchase Mayan Mysteries from Dig-It games online for $21.99 for a one year single-user license.  This gives you access to the full game for a year to play.  Mayan Mysteries is also available as an App in the Apple Store or iTunes for $9.99.


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