Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Preschoolers and Peace: Circle Time {Crew Review}

Growing up in Public School, one of my favorite daily activities was Circle Time.  When I decided to Homeschool, Circle Time was one of the first things I implemented into our homeschooling.  My kids have loved it as much as I did, even though we do this in a completely different type of environment than the one I grew up in.

Circle Time for us has always been a bonding experience and has worked great to provide together time for me and my children.  We do most things together and we enjoy doing them.  There isn't a lot of arguing during this time but there is a whole lot of fun.  Sometimes, it gets hard for me to come up with new ideas for our Circle Time activities though, especially as my children age.  That's where Kendra Fletcher's book, Circle Time from Preschoolers and Peace comes in!

Circle Time teaches the homeschool parent how to plan for Circle Time in their daily routine and how to make Circle Time flow smoothly.  Throughout this book, Kendra explains how she uses her Circle Time period to teach all of her children important Bible Scriptures, stories, memorization skills, copywork and so much more.  Kendra discusses how to keep younger children occupied while older children learn, all while maintaining life.

As Kendra explains throughout Circle Time, this wonderful addition to your homeschooling day can be arranged in any way that best fits you.  You can do Circle Time in the mornings, midday or night.  You can teach all kids at once or groups of children as needed, though the goal is to have as many children as possible join in at the same time.  You can teach as many subjects as possible together through Circle Time and the book provides plenty of suggestions for making this happen.

Since we already use Circle Time in our homeschooling days, I wasn't looking for a how-to in this book but instead inspirational ideas to spruce up our daily routine of Circle Time.  In Circle Time the book, I found so much more!

Kendra provides great printables to organize your Circle Time planning like a Wish List of activities to include in your own Circle Time.  She also includes a work sheet for listing Independent and Group work for your student's daily activities.  There are more great things to help with Circle Time on her website Preschoolers and Peace too!

Circle Time can be arranged to fit your family and is a great tool to bring you and your children closer together.  The time they spend with one another brings positive attributes out within them, as well as stronger bonds between them.  It also allows them to spend extra time with you that may be missed in other learning settings.

Circle Time is an important part of our homeschooling days.  Kendra Fletcher's book, Circle Time will teach you how to make it an important part of your homeschooling day too!  You can purchase Circle Time today as a PDF file for $4.99 through Kendra's website Preschoolers and Peace.  I promise you it's worth every cent!

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