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Homeschool Programming, Inc: KidCoder Web Series {Review}

If you are looking for a great way to teach your student Web design and programming then look no further than Homeschool Programming, Inc.  Homeschool Programming offers quality products to provide a thorough education in programming with it's KidCoder and TeenCoder product lines.  These programs are created to be easy for the student and teacher to use and understanding, making web creation easy to do.

For this review, we were given the KidCoder Web Series program to use at home.  This digital download came with everything needed for my student to learn web programming in the comfort of our home.  Our download included the program needed to complete this study along with the student workbook and videos that explained what we needed to do to learn how the web works and even create projects of our own.

The KidCoder Series is created with the 4th-8th grade student and parent in mind.  These courses are not overwhelming, yet they pack a lot of knowledge into their wonderful program.  This series is a great introduction for students who may be interested in further web creation later on.

Students who use this program, or any program from Homeschool Programming, Inc. should have a basic knowledge of how a computer works.  They should be able to create save files on their own and also be sufficient in using a keyboard.  It would be appropriate that they have a basic knowledge of using a web browser and searching online as well.

The awesome thing about the KidCoder series is that once you purchase this curriculum you can use it for life.  There is no online membership that runs out or limited license with the program, with the exception of schools in which a separate license would need to be purchased for each student.  The basic workbook purchased will work for any student at any time within a homeschooling family and a student can take as long as needed to complete the program.  It can be used with multiple students within a family as the same time as well.

Since this course is set up to work with your students pace, it can be completed in various ways.  What may take one student an entire semester to complete will only take another half a semester to work through, while yet other students may take a year to finish the basic first semester portion.  How you chose to work through the program is up to you and your student's personal needs.

By design, the course is created to be completed in one semester with 13 chapters in the KidCoder Beginning Web Design series textbook.  Each chapter contains 3-4 lessons, Work With Me's, a lesson review and an activity to complete.  The final chapter requires the student to complete a final project using what has been taught in each lesson of the program.  Weekly dedication to this program should be at least 3-4 hours or longer depending on the student's abilities.

This series does include instructional videos for the instructor and student to view.  These videos are designed to be a tool but not to teach the entire course to the student.  They explain the techniques used within the chapters to help the instructor and student better understand the program as they work through it.

Due to medical issues in our family over the course of this review, we did not get as far with it as I would have liked to with the program but what we have completed we have enjoyed.  We were only able to work through part of the Beginning Web Design series.  I've used this with both my daughter who is 10 and my son who is 12, working together with them through the chapters and lessons.  Each have come away with a new opinion on web programming and how their computers work.  They look forward to completing this program, as do I along with them.

Homeschool Programming, Inc.'s KidCoder Web Series is available for purchase.  The KidCoder: Web Year Pack combines both the Beginning Web Design and Advanced Web Design programs for a $120 for courses only or $145 for both courses and videos.  KidCoder: Beginning Web Design and KidCoder: Advanced Web Design each cost $70 separately per course or $85 for the course with video instruction.

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