Monday, July 8, 2013

IEW: Teaching The Classics {Review}

Teaching The Classics DVD Seminar and Workbook from the Institute for Excellence in Writing is a full curriculum designed to help the user learn how to learn best from classic reading materials.  Providing a literature style that brings literature understanding to everyone, Teaching The Classics makes understanding literature elements easy.  This curriculum is sure to help everyone from teacher to student.

Teaching the Classics uses the Socratic approach to learning.  Through provision of short classical materials this DVD seminar breaks down literature elements of plot, theme, character, conflict and more.  This program begins with an explanation about Literature, taking the student all the way through each of the elements.

Lesson 1 prepares the student to analyze literature providing samples of some of the greatest authors known.  It begins explaining the structure of the Five Elements of Fiction.  It also discusses literary styles in writing.  The Socratic Method is also taught and thoroughly discusses right away through this lesson.

Following lessons teach and break down Plot and Conflict, Setting, Character, Theme, and more.  Each of these topics are backed up with short story models, charts explaining the information learned, and questions to provide a thorough understanding of the materials taught.   The DVD seminars work with the materials to help the educator/student better understand the lessons throughout the book.

I personally used this curriculum to learn more about using the classics in our daily education.  I try to use classics with my children because I feel they are rich in educational content and truly heartwarming books.  I want my children to learn to enjoy classical books as much as I do.  Teaching the Classics has helped me to provide a better education of the classics for my children in working as a reminder of the important elements I need to teach through the process of teaching them about the classics.  This program would be excellent for an advance middle school or a high school student to work through on their own.  It's also excellent for a parent, like me, who needs that little extra reminder of these important elements in writing.

Teaching the Classics DVD Seminar and Workbook by Adam and Missy Andrews is available from the Institute for Excellence in Writing for $89.  This program was written for parents of children of any age and for High School aged students.  It can be purchased through the Institute for Excellence in Writing.


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