Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alone, Yet Not Alone {Review and Giveaway}

I received Alone, Yet Not Alone by Tracy Leininger Craven a few weeks ago from FlyBy Promotions (Propeller Reviews).  I was completely expecting this book to be like any other tale from the past and I had little knowledge about the story that it held inside.  A few days after receiving the book, I began reading it and could not put it down.  

Alone, Yet Not Alone tells the story of Barbara Leininger and her family.  Barbara is a great ancestor of the book's author and her story has been passed down until it was written into this book.  This true story will leave you on edge and captivated as you read through it.

Barbara and her family live in a Valley bordering Penn's Creek.  They are hard working settlers, who don't bother a soul.  They have a kinship with the local Indian tribes and have no fear of harm despite the recent wars going on around them.

That is, until a rogue Indian tribe visits their home, killing Barbara's father and brother, killing friends and neighbors and taking Barbara, her sister and other women and children hostage.  Barbara has no idea of what will happen in her future, only that she must try to remain alive, have faith in God to keep her and her sister safe.  She must lean on her faith and remember God's Word until she finds a way to escape and return home.

Alone, Yet Not Alone is an amazing story of triumph, God's Will and Faith.  The journey you are taken on within the pages of this story are unimaginable, yet they happened to many not so long ago.  This book leaves you wanting to know what happens and if Barbara and her sister will make it through.

This book is written for ages 8 and up.  It would make a great addition to any home library.  It's a great story to add into your homeschooling history program as a read-aloud or as a personal story to read.  It is one we will be reading together in the future ourselves.

Alone, Yet Not Alone is being made into a motion picture, set to release September 27, 2013.  This amazing story will be available to see and I, personally, can hardly wait!  As soon as I finished the book, I knew this was a movie I would not want to miss!

To find a theater local to you, visit here!

Alone, Yet Not Alone is available for purchase for $9.99 from ZonderKids and Zondervan.

To enter for a chance to WIN a FREE copy of Alone, Yet Not Alone the book, just complete the Rafflecopter giveaway tasks below!

*Disclaimer - I received a free paperback copy of Alone, Yet Not Alone from FlyBy Promotions and Propeller Reviews in exchange for my honest opinion shared in a blog post.  I'm including this disclaimer in accordance with FTC Guidelines and Regulations.


  1. I cannot wait to see the movie. Would love to win the book!!!


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