Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Family Hope Center: Understanding Child Brain Development DVD {Review}

As a parent of multiple children with Epilepsy and other special learning needs, I am always looking for information to help me to better understand how their brains work and how to help them process and learn.  The Family Hope Center helps families like mine.  They use their program to help parents to better understand the brain and their child.

Through the Family Hope Center's Understanding Child Brain Development DVD, this program reaches out to teach parents about how the brain processes.  This interactive seminar can be completed in the comfort of your home, leaving you with a much better understanding of the brain.  Having a better understanding of the brain allows parents to help their child grow to their fullest potential.

Through the Family Hope Center's program many parents have been able to help their children do things that they were never expected to do.  This program has even helped some parents become able to stop medications for their children.  Understanding Child Brain Development helps in this process by showing the parent exactly how the child's brain works and how it processes information among other things.  This allows the parent to also better understand how medications, relaxation and other methods can help the brain to preform better or worse.

Understanding Child Brain Development empowers the parent with knowledge that they would not receive otherwise, allowing informed decisions for the child's care.  This program teaches you, the parent how to make these things happen for your child.  It doesn't only teach about the brain though but also teaches the who, why, and how of your child's physical and emotional developmental as well as social and intellectual development.

You can purchase Understanding Child Brain Development from IEW or by calling 610-397-1737.  To learn more about the Family Hope Center, you can visit their website.

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  1. My daughter began having seizures with her fourth pregnancy. A year later her oldest son began having them too. We are all homeschooling families. Thank you for the review.


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