Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Minute Friday Part 1 {5 Minute Fridays}

So I was reading about 5 Minute Fridays on another blog and thought, what a cool thing to do!  And here I am.  Today's subject: Story.  Starting my 5 minute alarm now.  Here goes:

You can find our story all through this blog.  Our life with Epilepsy.  Our years homeschooling.  Our family and our love for each other.

Five Minute FridayAll of these things add up to tell our personal story.  It's been a long journey since I began blogging.  It's been a tiresome year this year for us.  Adding to the story more and more every day.  This thing called Epilepsy, it doesn't hide and it doesn't seem willing to give us a break anytime soon.

Story: the kids favorite things are books.  They enjoy reading and I'm thankful.  It shows me this homeschooling thing has paid off for us.  So many doubted my choices in the beginning.  They did not understand why I chose to be different.  They questioned my beliefs.  But I feel we have proven others wrong.  Homeschooling is like everything else.  It's not perfect but it does work.

It shows every time my children pick something up and read it.  My son struggles with his reading abilities but he is coming to learn that he can read more than even he realizes.  And my Emma, well she is great at reading.  She's avid and loves to read things that truly teach her, like science stories.

 Laycie is quickly following in her footsteps.  Every day she has a new series of books that she wants someone to read to her.  It's amazing to see just how many words she's come to recognize.

This year she begins truly homeschooling, but even that won't be rushed.  I will allow her to grow and learn in her schooling.  I will allow her to take the time she needs to learn what is most important to her.

-- So the bell has rung and my time is up.  Not too bad for my first Five Minute Friday!

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