Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Am Second {Review}

Have you heard the word?  There's a new movement called I Am Second.  I Am Second is an inspirational revolution, teaching others to live for God and for others.

Through I Am Second, you will be inspired.  You will learn about the miracles of God through each video testimony shared helping you to find your Faith.  People with lives who have been at their worst share their inspiring journeys and how only their Faith has pulled them through to become better, do better, be better.

I Am Second offers support with their helpline, listening and giving a much needed shoulder to cry on.  Help spread the revolution by sharing I Am Second with those in your life.  Bring them inspiration in the testimonies shared throughout the website.  Be their own shoulder to cry upon, if needed.

I Am Second provides help with abuse, anger, identity, molestation, racism and so much more!  You are not alone and you can find support through I Am Second.  I Am Second works to help with all of these things, giving you what you need when you need it.

Register with I Am Second to join the movement.  Share it with others.  Use the discussion guide to discuss the inspirational films on the website.  Take the 22 day challenge to grow a stronger relationship with God and help build your own faith.  

Put God first, be I Am Second!  This website will support you on every step to make that happen.

I Am Second, are you?

*Disclaimer - I was asked to join I Am Second through FlyBy Promotions - Propeller Reviews.  I received a free shirt and bracelet by joining in on this movement but was not compensated in any way.  I chose to join in with I Am Second because I believe in the movement but not in relation to my request to review this website by FlyBy Promotions - Propeller Reviews.  I'm including this disclaimer in accordance with FTC regulations.

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