Thursday, August 1, 2013

Picture Smart Bible - Have you seen it??

The Picture Smart Bible Old Testament & New Testament Bible Curriculum on CD ~ $75 now only $60 Plus FREE Shipping!

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The Picture-Smart Bible is an innovative approach to "seeing" Scripture as a total entity. This Genesis-to-Revelation course is designed to help participants learn, remember and teach the themes and concepts in each book of the Bible...and have fun in the process!

In this innovative Bible study program, an overview of an entire book is illustrated on a single page. When your children are finished drawing through a book of the Bible, they will have both an illustration to save and an imprint on their minds to remember. Check out our samples to see how it works.

Some of the great features:

  • Simple drawings to trace (No need to be an artist)
  • Straightforward script (No need to be a biblical scholar)
  • Stand alone curriculum or use as supplemental lesson

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    The Picture-Smart Bible is both an evangelistic tool and a discipling manual.
    Click to view PDF 1. The MASTER DRAWINGS, which provide a visual guide for the teacher, illustrate key concepts of each book of the Bible, Genesis to Revelation.

    What I like best about the master sheets is that you can use it as a coloring page for younger children who are not ready to "draw" their own copy! It also helps you and your child see what the end product will look like!

    With the Picture Smart Bible CD you can print as many copies as you need for your family!
    Click to view PDF 2. A "SCRIPT" or synopsis of each Bible book includes easy-to-follow instructions regarding when and what to draw and read. No commentaries needed; the "prep" is done for you. The small drawings on the left are progressive.

    This is so flexible! You can read it as scripted with no prep time! It even tells you when to pause to add to your drawing! You draw as you read. Make sure you have your Bible handy, because it directs you to look up some scriptures along the way. This is great for training kids to look up scripture references.
    Click to view PDF 3. STUDENT SHEETS (located in the resource section) are copied and handed out to all students. As the teacher reads through the script, student (and teacher) complete the dotted line drawing, then add color.

    Okay, I admit, I am not that great of an artist, sigh! That's OK though, because the student sheets are super light outlines that you trace to make the "big picture". By adding in your own details and color, you really make it your own. When you are done with this study, you will have the entire Bible in picture format! What a keepsake!
    What you need to purchase:
    The Picture Smart Bible comes in printed manuals and/or a CD. All you really need is the Picture Smart Bible on CD, which is the most affordable way to go!

    The Old Testament and New Testament CD retails for $75, but you know how much they love to have sales at Hearts at Home! Hearts at Home Curriculum Store is offering the CD for $60 plus FREE Shipping! This will work for all your children as it is non-consumable! You can make as many copies as you like for your entire family!

    If you want to save on ink, all you really need to print are the masters and the student sheets as you can read the scripts right on your computer. Everything is in PDF format!

    If you don't want to print everything, you can just purchase the pre-printed manuals. The student sheets are consumable though. You could also purchase the printed manuals AND the CD if you want to make copies of the student sheets, but want a neatly binded manual for the scripts to read.

    Hearts at Home Curriculum Store sells over 6,000 items at 30% off everyday!

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