Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tyndale Rewards Program {A Propeller Review}

Tyndale House Publishers has an amazing list of products for the Christian reader.  Tyndale is one of the top names in Publishing Christian materials.  Now they offer yet another wonderful program with Tyndale Rewards.

Tyndale Rewards is a great way to earn points for FREE {Yes, you read that right: FREE} books and Bibles from Tyndale House Publishers themselves!  All you have to do is sign up and you can immediately begin gathering points to earn your first book.  It's really easy.

Tyndale Rewards gives you points for getting your friends to sign up.  They give points for completing simple surveys they offer.  They also give points for participating in their Focus Group, signing up for their inspiring devotionals, sharing on Twitter and Facebook and much more. 

As an added bonus, you can review any Tyndale product online, provide the link to the review and also earn reward points.  This is great for those already registered as part of their Tyndale Blog Network, like me!  If you are a blogger, it's a great program to participate in.

It didn't take me long to gather points to earn my first book.  They have a wonderful selection of Bibles to choose from, as well as children's books, adult fictions and non-fictions and so much more.  Many of their recent popular titles are available to earn with Tyndale Rewards and once again it's all for FREE!

My Tyndale Rewards book choice was Bees In The Butterfly Garden by Maureen Lang.  This book took 65 of my Tyndale Reward points.  Shipping was free.  I ordered my FREE copy last week and my book arrived today.  It's a beautiful, brand new book in perfect condition.  Now I can read it, review it and earn even more points.  

Since ordering my book, I have completed more rewards tasks.  My Tyndale Rewards are now at 50 points and I can either save them, as they never expire, or I can keep adding to them by completing more tasks and reviews for the program.  It's a win win situation for Tyndale Rewards and for me!

To learn more about Tyndale Rewards or to sign up, please visit their website, Tyndale Rewards!

Disclaimer - Tyndale Rewards is a FREE program that anyone can sign up for.  I was asked to use and review this program though my FlyBy Promotions account with Propeller Reviews.  I was already aware of the program and planning to join in anyway so what better extra incentive than to provide a review for Propeller too!  As this program is FREE, I gained nothing from either company by joining in except for the usual reward of FREE stuff from earning points through the program itself.  I'm including this disclaimer in accordance with FTC guidelines and regulations.

Affiliate links are included in this review which bring me extra points for the Tyndale Rewards program!

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