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People Keys: Student Binder {Crew Review}

If you've read the title of this post, then you are probably wondering just what are PeopleKeys?  PeopleKeys is a program that has been created to help unlock the potential of every human being who uses it.  Through a series of booklets, PeopleKeys helps you better understand you.

Designed to be used individually, by an employer, or a school system, PeopleKeys provides a thorough program for discovering how you work and who you are as an individual.  This allows you and your employer to figure out if a career is right for you.  This also allows you to find a career that truly fits who you are!

With PeopleKeys, you can learn more about a particular DISC style through the purchase of individual booklets or through the StudentKeys Student Binder.  The StudentKeys Student Binder provides a complete study of your DISC style and how these work for you, personally.  Using the StudentKeys Student Binder provides a full report to help you better yourself.

DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientious.  Dominance shows how headstrong, stubborn and productive you are.  Influence focuses upon how talkative, excited and how much of a charmer you may be.  Steadiness helps you discover how dependable you are, how well you listen and how loyal you can be.  Conscientious helps you find out how organized and detailed you really are.  Together these four things help you find just how well you really work.

Learning how DISC works, helps you make it work better for you!  You can learn to strengthen individual skills and build upon weaknesses in yourself.  You can learn to set goals that help you to work towards a better you.  You can find out what best motivates you.  You can cultivate your strengths and weaknesses to work best for your life.

I must admit, this is not my first time seeing or using PeopleKeys.  This program was first introduced to me when I was in High School through our Guidance Counselor.  It was provided to help prepare our student body for better careers and to help us better understand ourselves individually.  I found it very helpful at the time, though I do remember wondering why in the world I needed to know these things about myself.  From what I remember, not a lot has changed since High School as far as my results go.  I didn't find that at all surprising.

Through the 6 booklets inside the PeopleKeys StudentKeys Student Binder, I have discovered that my behavioral style is a DI.  My skills focus on Dominance and Influence in style.  I am a good problem solver, have a strong ego, and motivate others but I am also short tempered, argumentative, and I like to overstep authority.  All of those things are very true about myself.  I am also very persuasive and optimistic, talkative, trusting and emotional but I'm not organized and I am inattentive to details.  All very accurate for me.

I prefer to do things the quick and fun way!

I was a bit thrown off by my learning style results.  I've always considered myself to be visual in learning.  I prefer to see things over hearing them, though I like to combine the two.  According to my results from the booklet though, I am a Kinesthetic, hands-on learner.  I learn better when I can actively do something and feel it as I process it.

Learning this, I have to say I agree.  I feel best about myself when I see the results of a project finished.  Like with organizing my home, I don't feel accomplished and I am not able to imagine a finished area until I actually jump in, get to work, and see the finished results for myself.  It's the same in homeschooling my children.  I enjoy working through our projects together, digging in and completing something over simply reading it and imagining the result.  I really think my children take after me in this or maybe my motivational skills simply help them to jump in and follow along!

Through the Cognitive Thinking workbook, I discovered that I am a Literal Thinker.  I'm a dedicated worker, genuine, traditional and steady.  I disagree with organized part but truly, for the most part, I am very organized though I rarely put it into action.  I see bits and pieces of the other thinking in myself and that's ok because those things are what make me the individual that I am.

As a Literal Thinker, I view things literally and take them at their worth, no more and no less.  I look at things as being useful or not.  I prefer rewards I know exist such as new dry erase markers for organizing the room the board is in or a new laminator for completing printables that are needed for school.  I also prefer to have a dinner out after a long week, as a reward for cooking and being Mom all week.

In the Value Style workbook, I learned that I am a Loyal person.  I like to work towards the greater good.  I don't like to lose the respect of others.  I try to correct situations that others have failed in.  I expect the same amount of loyalty to be given to me in return as I give.  I prefer to work in a non-dramatic, cooperative group setting.  I am also extremely protective of my personal life and my individual beliefs.  I believe these things work greatly in my favor as a person.

For occupational style, I found myself to be influencing by the results of the test.  I am creative and inspiring.  I'm also a very verbal person who enjoys being encouraging.  I like to help solve conflict, though I often find myself in the midst of it unexpectedly.

My favorite workbook and the one I probably needed the most from this binder, is the Goal Setting workbook.  Throughout high school, I was taught how to plan and set goals for myself but since I've been out of school, this has been a real struggle for me.  I become overwhelmed with setting goals and lax in making them happen.  I become disappointed when goals that are set are not reached within a certain amount of time and I cannot see tangible results in my work towards them.  I give up quickly.

Through the Goal Setting workbook, I was reminded of tips and tricks to make goal setting work for me.  I was reminded of how to set goals, update and revise them, prioritize my goals, allow time for their completion and measure my progress accordingly.  I believe this is a booklet we could all benefit from, unless, of course, you are a super goal setter!

Through the Goal Setting workbook, I was able to set some individual goals for myself for personal reasons, homeschooling and leisure.  I will now be able to break these goals down into smaller portions so that I can easily complete them following a plan that works for me.  I also know how to reevaluate and adjust my goals as I work towards them, giving more time as needed or putting a boot in my butt to get moving if necessary.

Through the PeopleKeys StudentKeys Student Binder, I have learned so much about myself as an individual.  Some of it was a reminder of things I already knew from using this program before but it was definitely a reminder that I needed for myself.  The StudentKeys Student Binder has been helpful in allowing me to rediscover a me that had somehow gotten lost in the shuffle of life along the way.  It is something I plan to return to in the future and also use with each of my children to help them learn who they are and develop a better understanding of how they work best as an individual.

The StudentKeys Student Binder is available from PeopleKeys for $49 and is well worth the investment.  This binder can be used with children or adults.  I recommend this binder for middle school age and up, though there is also a Children's profile available through PeopleKeys for younger students.  I personally used this binder for myself only at this time.

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