Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Bit of Fall Pin-spiration!

Those who know me know that I am a Pinterest addict!  I have so many links pinned there: things to do, make and enjoy, from seasonal things to homeschooling.  It's one of my favorite places to visit for inspiration.
So for this blog post, I am going to share some Fall Pin-spiration!  

We are just finishing up the Halloween decorations and at the beginning of November we will be switching it all over to Fall.  We turn our Jack-A-Lanterns around to become pumpkins and use other cute things for our decor but we enjoy using other ideas to create fun decor as well - we being me, my Mom and the kids!

First thing I love is this wonderful tablescape created from clear Dollar Store glasses from Naptime Decorator!

(image copyrighted to Naptime Decorator)

These glasses were simple with clean lines and Naptime Decorator simply painted on the letters using a stencil with acrylic.  Hand-painting is one of my FAVORITE past-times so this craft fits in perfectly for me!  So adorable too!  Visit her post A Time for Thanks to learn more!

I have one of these glass pumpkins and see tons every Fall but I'm not thrilled with that clear glass look, so I've been looking for ideas to make them work better for me!  This Fall Decor, Craft Paper Decoupage Glass Pumpkin Tutorial post from Dream A Little Bigger shares how to spruce it up.

(image copyrighted to Dream a Little Bigger)

In this tutorial, Allison shares how to decoupage the pumpkin and uses Craft paper in her pumpkin but you could use those thin Fall leaves from the Dollar Store to decoupage inside as well or even tissue paper.  I also thought simply using craft paint to paint inside or white glue mixed with paint to coat the inside for extra staying power.

I think this Easy No-Sew Pumpkin Craft from Better In Bulk is the cutest thing!  It's simple to make too.  The perfect project for me!

(image copyrighted by Better in Bulk)

You simply take some fabric and wrap it around a toilet paper roll with paper still on and put a stick in the middle!  You can add a bow or not.  But isn't it the cutest thing, y'all!  So fun to store that extra toilet paper creatively for the Holidays!

Some other adorable craft ideas, I love for Fall are laminating leaves to use as placemats, painting pumpkins, and using glass jars to hold nuts or pinecones for decoration.  There are many ways to bring Fall into your home.  Simply doing a search on Pinterest can bring forth so many wonderful, easy ideas to use for decorating your home and is one of my favorite things to do for inspiration.

What do you enjoy looking up on Pinterest?


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