Wednesday, October 2, 2013

God's Paths

Have you ever thought about how the things in your past affect your day to day now?  As a little girl, I remember playing like most children.  I would play dolls and I would teach them.  I also loved to sing.

As an adult, I often think back to those childhood days and how those times of play have truly prepared me for my future, for today.  As a child, I never imagined that I would be teaching my children at home.  I always thought my career would be in education and that I'd also be singing somewhere outside of my home and church.

I remember sitting down with my dolls and with my imaginary pals, pretending I had an entire classroom in front of me.  I remember passing out pencils and worksheets, having those students complete tests and reviews of schoolwork.  I remember holding music classes with those students, singing and teaching those dolls to sing, too.

Now I have real students in my children and I know that all of my play was provided by God to prepare me for His will.  I am equipped by the Lord for this job that He's provided me.  This is God's plan come to life.

As a parent, I always allow my children plenty of time to play and use their imagination.  I do not direct their playtime.  I know from my own experiences that the things they learn and the actions they take during their play is God's way of preparing them for a future that I cannot personally understand.  One day they will each do great things but these things will be as God has chosen for them in order to glorify Him.  Only He can lead them on this path that He wishes for them to follow, just as He has done for me before them.

What ways has God prepared you for your own journey in life?  What ways does He prepare your children?

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