Monday, October 21, 2013

God's World News: God's Big World {Crew Review}

Have you been looking for a way to teach World News in your home?  How about a way to teach Current Events?  Would you like a Christian perspective to help teach these subjects?  God's World News is a great source for all of these things.

World News Group, the company that publishes God's World News, has been around for over thirty years.  This wonderful company provides the news from a Christian perspective for children and adults of all ages.  For our review, we were given a free subscription to God's Big World, a magazine for children who are in grade Pre-K to Kindergarten.  

I chose this subscription particularly for Laycie, who I knew would enjoy having something just for her coming in the mail.  I also knew she would enjoy learning about Earth's creatures, how the world works, simple current events and much more through this magazine.  Not only was Laycie able to learn so much, her brother and sister, who are ages 10 and 12, also enjoyed looking through the magazines and reading them to her.  This subscription is perfect in so many ways for our entire family!

The magazines are short.  The months that I received for review contained around 25 pages each, give or take.  The paper is like newspaper print but full of color.  The images are crisp and clear and the writing is simple yet jam-packed with so much information!  Each time the kids would read through, it seems they would learn something new which is very important to me and something I look for in every magazine subscription we use.

Each article is fairly short and not overwhelming for Laycie at age 5.  Topics vary throughout the magazine and coincide with events and seasons for the time of year.  Since God's Big World shares articles covering the entire world, these topics provided lessons for other countries that we may have otherwise missed.

We were sent a large map to go along with our magazines.  This map is titled Map-It in the News and allows Laycie and the big kids to follow along and "see" where things are happening in the world.  We can write on the map or pin it, or put on stickers we obtain as it is ours to keep to help support the stories we read in the magazine.  I thought this was a great bonus to the lessons provide and if you can have the map laminated, it would probably be a wonderful tool for years to come.

We were also given access to the World News website online with our subscription.  Here you can view back issues of the magazine, as well as current events happening in the world daily.  Provided online is also a digital version of the print Map-It in the News map.

There are also lessons online that can be completed.  The lessons include a story, a comparison of the bible into life and a quiz to see what the child has learned.  This is a great way to further lessons learned from the actual print magazine.

There are also biographies provided which go along with sections from the magazines and help to expand those lessons.  The biographies discuss important persons from around the world.  There are quizzes listed at the end of these online articles as well.

You can also download PDF files of the magazines to view straight on the computer.  The PDF copies contain the same information as the print copies and is a great digital way to keep up with the lessons.  You can use these if something happens to your print copy or if you have another child who'd like to read the stories but can't because a sibling doesn't want to share.  I found this to be a great extra.

God's World News and God's Big World has been such a blessing for us!  We have really enjoyed reading the articles.  I loved the photos shared in the article on the Civil War in the August edition and both Emma and Laycie enjoyed the one about Wild Ponies in the September edition of our subscription.  There were so many more that we also enjoyed looking at, reading together and sharing in what we read and learned.

I allowed each of the kids to take one magazine to look over, then switch.  I let them read at will and peruse the images and articles.  I allowed them to discuss them with one another.  We also looked over and discussed them together.  Even though these articles are relatively short, they pack a lot of learning into each section and page which provided so much knowledge for my children.  We really enjoyed that.

You can order a subscription to God's World News by visiting their website.  God's Big World is written for young children in grade Pre-K through Kindergarten.  It is available for $28 for a Home subscription but can also be ordered for a group or a school.  This includes 10 full-color issues for the year, a weekly email and access to the children's website.

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