Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm at a point that I need to refocus and find redirection in my life.  It excites me that the crew year will soon be coming to an end and though I'm anxious to start the next one, if I'm welcomed back in return, I will be happy to have a little break.  Please, someone remind me of this after two weeks of no reviews, as I'm sure I'll be chomping at the bit to work again!

I simply need a break.  I am wanting to sit down and plan some things to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas next month.  I want to spend that time enjoying my children.  Life is short, time is short and days are passing quickly.  I want to enjoy my children and create memories before these days have passed.

And so I'm making big plans for my time off.  Plans to work more in the house.  Plans to play more with my kids.

I must refocus my life, adjust to some new findings and allow myself to find the direction I need to be traveling in.  I will allow God to guide me where He wishes me to be.  Until then, I'll be listening and waiting for the answers I'm seeking and enjoying what the days have brought to me.

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