Friday, October 4, 2013

Settling In

It has truly been a long year for us.  I can hardly believe October is already here.  It just seems like the entire year has flown by.

Next month is the last month of reviews for the TOS Crew year.  It's passed by so quickly but the break will be nice.  I plan to work on my blog, create some posting ideas and prep for next years work as I hopefully will be returning to the Crew in January (we will see!).

This week, I have had no scheduled reviews for the Crew, so it's allowed me a nice little break to get some much needed mind-clearage and also to focus on my house.  The house and the mind are in dire need of an overhaul.  It's a slow process but the house is becoming more organized every day.  After four years of living here, I have to admit that it's about time!

I looked at Winston just yesterday and we discussed that we've never stayed in one place so long.  When we lived with his father, we constantly moved.  There was no security and no reason to unpack because we knew before long we would be moving again.  I can't blame his Dad, as that's how he was raised but I wasn't.  My parents lived in the same home for 26 years of my life.  Moving was not something I knew how to do.  Neither was organizing, even though we'd lived in the same home so long.

Organizing has been something that I've recently been learning.  Sure my Mom's house was neat and kept clean but it was all done by her.  I never learned those important skills that I needed to because, well, I knew Mom would do it for me!  And she has, even in my own home, she's always come in and put things where she felt they belonged, which really didn't work for me!

So now, here I am at age 34, learning to organize and clean my way.  Since I have never been good at this, my kids are also learning along with me and they are greatly enjoying the process of having a home that's organized.  They are also enjoying having a home that is permanent, that we don't have to keep packed up and that we can enjoy our life and our time in.

My son tells me he's never seen our home so organized and that it makes him happy.  That makes me happy.  These kids are my world!  I could never imagine my life without them in it and my heart is full having them journeying through it all along with me.  I could not be more thankful.

This has been a hard year but it's coming to an end joyfully, full of life and love and living.  I would not have that any other way.

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