Thursday, November 21, 2013

Busy Again These Days

I have taken a few days away from writing blog posts, except for reviews, and I've been concentrating on my photography for the past week.  I've also been working on our family's tree and doing some much needed housework.  The mix of everything has definitely been keeping me busy.

The photos are coming out great and I have several shoots lined up in the next few weeks which will be keeping me very busy now the Crew year has ended.  It's been great learning new things, editing and seeing images "pop" in ways I never expected.  I'm finding that I am enjoying taking pictures again.

The family tree has also been fun.  I've learned so much about our ancestors that I never expected.  It's been interesting to learn where we came from and telling the kids stories I've come across about our various ancestors.  They've enjoyed the history and the family relations as much as I have.

I am excited for all the new ventures in our lives and the Holidays that are coming up as well.  It's a busy but fun life.  It's fulfilling and I find that I'm once again Luv'N Lambert Life.

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