Monday, November 11, 2013

It's the Simple Things {Epilepsy Awareness}

It's the little things you take for granted daily when you have a child that has no disorder.  The every day things for a normal child can be a sign of something more for a child who has a disorder.  The simplest things that the every day parent takes for granted mean the world to a Momma like me.

As an Epilepsy Momma, I can't allow my children to go beyond my reach for long without worrying about a seizure in one of my children.  I cannot allow my children to become upset and discipline isn't an option either as spanking or even the simplest time out can lead to a seizure.  Playing outside becomes a concern because heat and even cold can exhaust a child, make them sick and both of those things may lead to a seizure.

As an Epilepsy Momma, I've come to appreciate the nights when we are up late as time to love and snuggle but I also know how extremely important it is for my babies to sleep as much as possible on a schedule to keep this monster in control.  I've learned to enjoy play but keep it calm and relaxing, or change the pace as needed in a day.  I've learned to limit activities to things that don't contain flashing lights, or long periods of extreme action as these often lead to seizures for my children.

As an Epilepsy Momma, I'm unable to leave my child with just anyone.  I cannot allow the neighbor to take my children for an hour or two.  I must make sure my family and friends know my child's disorder, know what action to take if a seizure happens, know how to administer emergency medications just in case.  Honestly, it's simply easier not to even leave my child because of all of these things.  

Because of this, I am often called overprotective and overbearing of my children by the "normal" Mom's.  Those who have special needs children know that I'm not overprotective, I'm simply a Mom of a child with a disorder.  

And this is the life we live.  These simple things, things that are daily taken for granted are things that affect our daily lives.  I am an Epilepsy Momma.

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